Aruba Travel Guide


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Aruba Travel Tips

Do you dream about clear blue water and endless white beaches? Can you see yourself sitting under the Divi Divi Tree? Then it’s time to book a ticket to A of the ABC islands! This American-minded Carribean island is a paradise for relaxation and adventure! Explore Aruba and search for the hidden bays in the pristine north, dive into the colorful underwater world or discover the Arikok National Park, where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery and the many plants and animals. Sporty and into a good viewpoint? It’s nice to walk up the the Jamanota- or Arikok hill. For more active fun you can challenge yourself with wind- or kite surfing.

But this island is also perfect to do nothing but chillin’. You can pick one of the large and extremely luxurious resorts on the beach or a smaller en more local sleeping spot. Anyway, you should treat yourself with the fantastic culinary delights and cocktails on the beach! There are many trendy and nice hotspots to discover! If you are in for something more, you might want to go to one of the many bars or clubs for your nightly twerk and dagger fun. Yes, this island has it all.

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