Arikok National Park Aruba


Arikok National Park Aruba: away from the crowds

3 August 2015

THIS is also arubo: nature, cactus plants and deserted beaches

Did you knew that 20% of Aruba consists of National parks? Arikok is really nice to visit for a fewhours. You can rent a jeep to explore the park. Cactus lovers eat your heart out! They are everywhere. And they are so beautiful. Sometimes Arikok on Aruba even looks like Arizona in America!

Arikok National Park Aruba

The must sees in Arikok are: Dos Playos  and the caves. Dos Playos is a gorgeous beach between the rocks. The difference between a popular crowded beach like Palm Beach and this beach is immense! The waves at Dos Playos are huge, but in the mean time it feels so calm at this spot. Pure beauty!

Arikok National Park Aruba

Also really beautiful are the caves. Here you can spot old wallpaintings and ancient names of people who visited the caves in the past. In 18th century curl letters and some scribbles are from 1820!

Arikok National Park Aruba

Tip: Other nice excursions in Aruba are: a snorkel trip, a UTV tour around the island, visit Flamingo Beach and climbing Hooiberg. Or click here for my list with other tips and to do’s on the island!

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