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Zeerovers Aruba: peeling prawns at sunset

8 August 2015

Must visit: restaurant Zeerovers Aruba!

Zeerovers in Aruba is not really a hidden gem, but it is definitely worth a visit while you’re on the island. In this place they only have two dishes: prawns and fish. You order your food at the counter at the entrance of this family restaurant. You order per gram! Your fish or prawns will go directly to the chef, so he can prepare them for you. Don’t expect haute cuisine at Zeerovers, but pure tastes! Try to conquer yourself a table at the seaside and a perfect lunch or diner is guaranteed.

Zeerovers Aruba

Lovely to peel your own prawns while drinking a beer with a view of the Caribbean Sea.

I enjoyed the tasty prawns at Zeerovers. The Aruban hot sauce makes it even better. The prawns are fried and you should not be afraid to get your hands dirty ;). Cutlery is not included! It’s so lovely to peel your own prawns while drinking a beer with a view of the Caribbean Sea. Zeerovers is one of the most fun restaurants of the Island.

Zeerovers Aruba

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From the start Zeerovers is managed by a Aruban family. A place visited by locals and tourists. The service is super, they are so friendly and your food will be served with a beautiful big smile. What else do you want?

Zeerovers Aruba

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