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6 x fun things to do in Aruba

1 September 2015

Aruba is so much more than a lovely beach holiday

When you think of Aruba, you think of the sun, the sea and the white beaches. Or at least I do.
But during our exploration adventure on the island I found out that Aruba has much more to offer than I though. It’s really various! You have beaches with flamingo’s (Yes, a beach again!) but also a lot of beautiful nature. So if you want something more active after a day at the beach, you can! In this blog I list 6 fun things to do in Aruba for you that we have tested.

Tip: In Aruba there is every year some kind of Dance Event. Could be nice to combine if you are planning to visit the island!

6 x FUN things TO DO in aruba

Flamingo Beach Aruba

Flamingo beach >> FUN TO DO IN Aruba

If you can’t get enough of beaches, and you want spend your day relaxing, visit the flamingo beach of the Renaissance Hotel. You visit the private island near the coast of Oranjestad with a super speedy speedboat. This is the perfect chill spot! While sunbathing you can see real flamingos pass by on the beach. So cute! Want to discover more beautiful beaches in Aruba? Click here for a blog with the best beaches in Aruba.

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Snorkelling >> FUN TO DO IN ARUBA

I can’t leave a paradise like Aruba without snorkelling. I’m the happiest girl on earth when I’m in the water. During my Aruba adventure I went on a snorkelling trip with Palm Tours. When I see the azure blue  and bright sea I have to jump in! So what can I say? Snorkelling in Aruba is really a relax day on the Caribbean Sea. With lunch, an open bar and a nice sun deck on the catamaran. So perfect!

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Snorkelen Aruba


You may not expect it, but I’m quit a speed devil and adventure seeker. When I heard about the UTV tour I had to do it! Amazing to cruise around the island in some kind of a buggy jeep. I discovered the rough Northern part of Aruba and visited four stunning spots. I think this was my most dustiest excursion so far. Don’t forget to bring a bandana for you mouth and nose! And leave your white clothes at home ;-).

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Not into a crowded beach? Maybe Tierra del Sol is something for you! It’s a golf course with a nice Spa, a lovely pool, a lot of privacy and a stunning view over the Gold Coast. I visited this place one morning for a full body scrub. A tip to start your holiday. Your skin feels so soft afterwards!


Okay, with this tropical temperatures it’s not easy, but it’s really worth it to climb the 184 stairs to the top of Hooiberg. Once you are there, you have an amazing view over the island and Arikok National Park! And there is even some mini streetart. It’s a good work-out after your lunch at Zeerovers for example ;-)

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Arikok National Park >> FUN TO DO IN ARUBA

Did you knew that 20% of Aruba consist of National parks? Arikok is really nice to visit for a few hours. You can rent a jeep to explore the park. Cactus lovers eat your heart out! They are everywhere. And they are so gorgeous. Sometimes it looks like Arizona in America! Must sees in Arikok are Dos Playos and the caves. Dos Playos is a beautiful beach between the rocks with huge waves and a calm vibe. Stunning! The caves are also great! You can see some really old wallpaintings in the caves.

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Arikok National Park Aruba

Plan your trip to Aruba!

>> KLM offers direct flights from Amsterdam to Aruba from € 756- and up. During the World Deal Weeks they often have special offers for less than € 500,-. Check the lowest rates here!

>> Our favourite hotel on Aruba is the Boardwalk Small Hotel in Noord. With a beautiful swimming pool and casitas with your own hammock! Discover the Boardwalk Small Hotel here.

>> Do you want more information about Aruba and what the island has to offer beside beaches and sun? Go to the website of Aruba Tourism Authority and discover this One Happy Island!

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