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De Suikertuin Aruba: coffee and breakfast hotspot

14 August 2015

Coffeetime at hotspot de suikertuin in aruba

A good spot to enjoy your breakfast in Aruba is De Suikertuin in Oranjestad.

This cozy cafe is also really nice for lunch or just to enjoy a cup of good coffee! You find this hotspot in Oranjestad in one of the many cheerful coloured houses that Aruba is well known for. As the name suggest (because ‘De Suikertuin’ means the Sugar garden in Dutch), this spot has a nice  place to sit outside. This garden is perfect to relax in the shade. It’s not a punishment at all to eat your yummy pancakes at the ‘Sugargarden’ which is the translation of the Dutch word ‘Suikertuin’.

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De Suikertuin in Aruba has a variety of breakfast, like the Suikertuin or Pampering breakfast (with salmon! Yum). For your lunch there are just as much sandwiches on the menu. And for all the Dutchies, there are some familiar toppings!  So if you are longing for something from back home, this is your place to be.

De Suikertuin Aruba

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De Suikertuin

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