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4 x the most beautiful beaches in Aruba to relax

7 August 2015

Palmtrees, white beaches and azure blue SEA in aruba

If you want to go on a beach holiday then Aruba is perfect! There are plenty beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and the amazing Caribbean vibe. After 5 days on Aruba I really didn’t want to go home anymore. And the wonderful beaches, where you can relax after the must sees of Aruba, have definitely something to do with that. Luckily I had the chance to experience the most beautiful beaches of the island myself :)


In this blog I will list my favourite beaches. At these beaches in Aruba the cocktails and ice cold beers were the best and the sea was sooooo beautiful azure blue that I didn’t want to close my eyes while sunbathing.

Arikok National Park Aruba

Baby Beach >> Most beautiful beaches in aruba >>

The most hotels and famous beaches are located in the North of Aruba. But Baby Beach is located at the South part of the island, near National Park Arikok. Because of the breakwater structure the water is really calm and shallow. It’s perfect to float around for hours. Tip: Have a nice lunch at Big Mama beach bar and relax afterwards on the beach.


Palm Beach >> best beaches in aruba >>

This popular beach is located in the Northern part of the island. The most hotels in Aruba have there own beach club. The best places to eat at Palm beach are in my opinion Moomba Beach en Bugaloe. If you want to relax on a beach bed, they are for free at Moomba Beach. Nice if you stay in an apartment. Palm Beach is the place where the most tourists will enjoy the sun. There is so much to do! You can also join the snorkel and catamaran tour that i did! Tip: Click here to read more about it.

Moomba beach

More hotspots in Aruba

Flamingo Beach >> most beautiful beaches in aruba >>

It’s not hard to guess why this beach is called flamingo beach. Yes, here they have real flamingo’s! And they are sooo cute. Each hour these pink birds do their beach walk. It’s really cool to see. Flamingo beach is part of the fancy Renaissance Hotel and is actually only for hotel guest.  Day guest can also visit this private island, if you buy a day pass. A nice way to spend a day in Aruba! They will bring you to the island by speedboat :-).
Tip: read all about flamingo beach here.


One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, that’s what they say. And they say it for a reason. It’s a incredibly wonderful because of the Divi Divi trees that all grow in the same direction because of the wind. A picture perfect white beach and azure blue sea.
Tip: Bring your own food and drinks, because there are no beach bars.

Aruba Eagle Beach

Plan your trip to Aruba!

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>> Our favourite hotel on Aruba is the Boardwalk Small Hotel in Noord. With a beautiful swimming pool and casitas with your own hammock! Discover the Boardwalk Small Hotel here.

>> Do you want more information about Aruba and what the island has to offer beside beaches and sun? Go to the website of Aruba Tourism Authority and discover this One Happy Island!

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