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Your Little Black Book is free to visit online. New content is posted (almost) daily on topics selected by founder Anne de Buck and her team. Tips, articles and lists about travel and lifestyle topics that we personally find interesting at the moment and are therefore happy to share with visitors. Your Little Black Book is compiled from a certain taste and feel. The editors will never enter into a discussion about why something is or is not appropriate in terms of content.

Social Media
In addition to the blog, Your Little Black Book can be followed online for free via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest. Although Anne tries to personally answer all DMs and messages that come in via these social media, we see these inboxes primarily as a means to be in closer contact with our followers and not as a means of communication for advertisers and brands. Simply because it cannot be guaranteed that all messages will be read in time during busy periods.

Books on the subjects of travel and lifestyle
Anne has published several books in recent years with great pleasure. These books can be ordered online from Bol.com, among others, and are sold at concept stores and selected book stores throughout the Netherlands.

(2019) Feed Your Wanderlust – Travel Guide for a bohemian lifestyle

(2019) Staycation – 22 city trips in the Netherlands and Belgium

(2016) Wanderlust – Your urban travel style guide

(2016) De Amsterdam City Guide { uitverkocht }

(2016) The Amsterdam City Guide { uitverkocht }

Amsterdam City Guide app for iOS
Your Little Black Book also sells products for both offline and online use. ‘The Amsterdam City Guide – app’ can be downloaded in the iOS app store for $ 3.49. There are costs associated with maintaining and making this app available. That is why the English-language app with more than – by now – 900 addresses in Amsterdam is not offered for free. It is actually a different product than the blog, free from third-party advertisements and only concerns tips about Amsterdam. The app receives a content update every quarter or in case of a sufficient amount of new interesting addresses.

We do not collect any personal data about you however we may automatically collect information about your use of the app, such as browsing patterns and location. Information collected in this way does not reveal your contact details or any type of personal data. This information is only used in aggregate form to analyse, manage and develop the app and is not linked to any individual.

We may also use and disclose information in aggregated form (so that no individual customers are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes.

Please note that Your Little Black Book is a company that operates in The Netherlands where data protection laws can be different from the jurisdiction in your country of residence. This means that if you live outside The Netherlands your personal data is transferred to and processed in The Netherlands. Unless otherwise told you give us your consent and agreement to this transfer.

Your Little Black Book and the city guide apps provided by Your Little Black Book contain external links to websites or apps outside of the Yourlittleblackbook.me domain. Please be aware that we have no control over the content on those websites or in those apps. Therefore we are not responsible for the practices and content by or on those websites and apps. Please consult with the Privacy Policy of those third party websites and apps for more information about data use.

On Your Little Black Book content may contain affiliate links from parties like Booking.com or Bol.com. If you decide to book or buy anything via these kind of links Your Little Black Book will receive a kickback-fee for the sales. This money is used to maintain Your Little Black Book and pay for things like hosting of the website so you can access all the travel guides for free.


Do you have any questions regarding this privacy policy? Please contact Your Little Black Book. We are no data specialists per se, but we strive to do our best!


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The content of Your Little Black Book is copyrighted. My books, the app and the content of the site are written by Your Little Black Book. It is explicitly not permitted to copy or duplicate (in part) the content in any form whatsoever online or offline. This is also not permitted if it contains a link to the original content.

Photos accompanying the content are made by ourselves, from free stock-photography websites, embedded via Instagram or obtained royalty-free from the locations that we write about. Because we know how bothersome it is when images are used unsolicited by third parties, we do everything to prevent this on Your Little Black Book. Sometimes it happens that a location supplies us with images that they do not have the rights to. In such a case, we will always correct this if we are made aware of this. That is why the redesign of Your Little Black Book indicates more prominently if there is a photo credit, including the associated URL.

Do you want to use a photo from Instagram and repost it? Please contact us to request permission in advance.


Despite the constant care and attention that we devote to the composition of Yourlittleblackbook.me and the data contained therein, Yourlittleblackbook.me cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy or continuous topicality of the data and the content of the site. Information may be out of date (such as the closing or moving of an address or change in a menu or opening times). Therefore, we recommend to always check the most up-to-date information (and reviews) via other media, such as Google Maps or the direct website, before you head out. Yourlittleblackbook.me, therefore, accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage, of any nature whatsoever, arising from or in any way related to the use of the site or the (in)accessibility of the site as well as the associated social media channels, apps and books.

Yourlittleblackbook.me cannot guarantee that the information on this site is suitable for the purpose for which you consult the information. Allegations, experiences and opinions expressed in articles and announcements on the pages of this site are those of Yourlittleblackbook.me. This concerns personal opinions and experiences of the editors based on N=1 experiences. Yourlittleblackbook.me can in no way be held responsible for the content thereof and is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from the relevant expressions.

Yourlittleblackbook.me is not affiliated with products, services, restaurants, hotels, trips or any third-party service mentioned on this site and does not guarantee the (change in) quality of the tips mentioned. With this in mind, the user of this site is always advised to seek independent information and/or to conduct research for the use of information obtained through this site.

The address tips are carefully selected and (almost always) tested personally, but it is possible that you have had a different experience than we have. This might be the case simply because the hospitality world is run by people and consists of snapshot experiences on which we, unfortunately, have no influence. If the editors of Your Little Black Book no longer support the quality of a tip, it reserves the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without any notification. The information on the site, in the app and in the books is regularly adjusted or revised in a new edition.

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On this website, you will find links to other websites. These can be affiliate links. This means that Your Little Black Book will receive a kickback fee if you book the recommended hotel or, for example, buy the product that is mentioned or reviewed on the blog.

Yourlittleblackbook.me is not liable for the content of those sites and/or the way in which those sites handle your (personal) data. Read the privacy policy, the disclaimer, the copyright notice and the general terms and conditions – if any – of the website you visit.

The money that is earned through this pays the costs that Your Little Black Book makes for offering the website for free as well as its maintenance, such as hosting costs, software packages and licenses, plugins, purchase of fonts and web development. By placing affiliate links in relevant content, Your Little Black Book is less dependent on banners and advertorials from advertisers to cover the costs associated with Your Little Black Book. These costs also include, for example, costs that I incur for making the travel and city guides.


Your Little Black Book tries to be as transparent as possible about collaborations. For example, advertorials can always be identified by the phrase under my signature “In collaboration with “. Collaborations can be identified on Instagram by the hashtag #yourlbbcollab. You can also keep an eye out for hashtags such as #prgifted #invited #presstrip #ambassador or #gifted which indicate a collaboration, even though there is no monetary reward for this.

By collaborating with advertisers, offering our own products, such as (e)books, and developing affiliate partnerships, it is our dream to make Your Little Black Book a very long-standing entrepreneurship and completely independent for you.

Anne is grateful every day for the nearly 2.5 million annual unique visitors who read Your Little Black Book and use the personal tips. Cookies are used to make the website function as well as possible. If you want to know more about the privacy policy of Your Little Black Book, you can read it here.

Anne has also developed a Green Policy, in which she explains in great detail why she will not give up her greatest passion despite the fact that this is polluting the environment. If you also like to travel, then quickly read the 8 simple tips to travel greener so that we can all continue to enjoy this beautiful earth for as long as possible.

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