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So many reasons to get in touch! Just a friendly e-mail, a request to work together, to get tips about Amsterdam or other cities or to give tips.

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Contact Anne, the Editor in Chief?

Do you have a personal question or inquiry? You can get in touch with me at Some days I get over 100 e-mails and I’m not able to answer them all. I always try to answer mail of followers and partners within 48 hours!

GET personal tips from Your Little Black Book?

Are you in Amsterdam for a city trip or living there and in need for personals tips? Or maybe you’re going on a city trip and you need tips for Paris, New York or Copenhagen. Best way to contact us is via Instagram  or Facebook where we use the @YOURLBB handle.

tips for the Amsterdam Weekend Guide or an event?

We are always looking for tips for the hottest parties, food markets and unique events in Amsterdam. You can send press releases for events to

Please send your releases a few weeks in advance to increase chance for publication on Your Little Black Book. If you prefer a dedicated blog about your event you can ask for the special advertising rates for local entrepreneurs via Not applicable to restaurants and stores, please see the information below.

Advertise? is part of blog-network founded by Sanoma. For possibilities to advertise you can contact Elise Kop, account manager Blogtoday. They love to make a tailor made proposal for you! For all local events or campaigns with a smaller budget you can contact directly.

Working together?

With partners from all over the world Your Little Black Book works together to create content. Among the possibilities are: tastings at restaurants, sleepovers at hotels, creation of city guides or travel guides to all continents. Your Little Black Book will cover the best hotspots all over the world!

In the lifestyle category Your Little Black Book covers brands and products we are in love with! From (cook) books to beauty and from designer bags to gadgets.

The hotspots we write about…

Do you have a restaurant, store or hotel you can always contact us to explore the possibilities for a review. Please note that we have a strict policy of what fits Your Little Black Book and what doesn’t. While we explored the possible business models in the past we now know that we don’t want restaurants, stores and hotels to pay for their first story on Your Little Black Book. If there’s a fit we are always happy to help with some promotion and we will find each other. If we have a good experience we will share the love.

Send a press package?

The shipping address of Your Little Black Book is:
To: Anne de Buck
Ruyschstraat 43hs
1091 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Please note that sending a package gives no guarantee for publication. If you want to check contact us at

Unused products will be donated to a good cause.

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