Valencia City Guide


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Valencia Travel Tips

Valencia is the city that is known for its vineyards, the big beach, many mercado’s and ofcourse the famous signature dish paella. This is the ideal city for a trip with friends! It is lovely to walk around the tiny little streets and to enjoy the sun, pintxos and good wines. If you are visiting Valencia, you should have diner at Canalla Bistro. This popular restaurant can be found in the artistic neighborhood Rufaza. A trendy and multicultural area, where you can enjoy a vegetarian lunch at Malmö’s and go for coffee and sweets to Dulce de Leche.

For special street art it’s worth it to walk around the El Carmen neighborhood. Various famous artists have painted the most amazing art pieces on the walls. In the L’Eixample neighborhood, you will find one of the best markets, Mercado Colon. In the morning this is a fishmarket, but in the afternoon it turns into a perfect spot for lunch or coffee in trendy restaurants. This neighborhood is also perfect for shopping! In this Valencia Travel Guide, you will find all the favorite hotspots.

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