Flamimgo Beach Aruba


Flamingo Beach Aruba: soooooo cute!

5 August 2015

Sunbathing between pink birds at Flamingo Beach Aruba

While doing your online holiday preparations for Aruba and checking out pages like Pinterest, you can’t miss the flamingo pictures. They are everywhere. My first thought: I want to go there! But do you know what.. The flamingo’s don’t even live in the wild in Aruba. (My guide Jasmine told me that they do in Bonaire). All the flamingo’s you see on the pictures are at living at Flamingo Beach. 


Flamimgo Beach Aruba

Flamingo beach is a private beach from the Renaissance Hotel in Aruba. I hear you thinking.. private beach? No worries! You don’t have to stay in the hotel to chill a day at flamingo beach. You can buy a day pass at the hotel. They will bring you to the island by speedboat.

I can’t resist taking a selfie with the flamingo’s!

The only thing you have to do at this place is noting, just relax and laze. Swim a bit, feel your feet in the sand, read a magazine until you will be surprised by loud squeaking. It’s time for the flamingo’s to make there beach round. They do this almost every hour. It looks so beautiful! Especially when the sun is low and the water is glistering.

Flamingo Beach Aruba

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Flamimgo Beach Aruba

I can’t resist taking a selfie with the flamingo’s! Somethings you just have to do cheesy things like this ;)

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Flamimgo Beach Aruba

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>> Do you want more information about Aruba and what the island has to offer beside beaches and sun? Go to the website of Aruba Tourism Authority and discover this One Happy Island!

Flamingo Beach

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