Pinchos Bar Grill Aruba


Pinchos Grill Aruba: dine on a pier by the sea

28 August 2015

Romantic sea side restaurant Pinchos Grill in Aruba

Pinchos Grill in Aruba is definitely a must visit restaurant! This restaurant is only open during the evening. So if you go to Aruba then plan dinner at Pinchos Grill for a night of wining and dining. Most dishes are grilled and there is a various choice of fish and meat. Or both by picking the special surf and turf menu!

Pinchos Aruba

While travelling I really love it to try new things in terms of food.

Pinchos Aruba

This restaurant on Aruba is built on a pier from where you have an amazing view on Oranjestad. While travelling I really love it to try new things in terms of food. I had Conch for the fist time. Caribbean seafood with the texture of octopus but with a really typical own taste. It’s a huge clam! You should really try this if you like seafood.

Pinchos Aruba

Tip: Pinchos grill is just like Screaming Eagle a good spot to visit for a romantic night with your lover.

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Pinchos Bar & Grill

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