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8 x brand new restaurants in Amsterdam

21 February 2016

Discover these new restaurants in Amsterdam!

Can’t you get enough of new restaurants in town? Every time we hear about a new hotspots in Amsterdam our foodie heart skips a beat. Time to make a list with new restaurant hotspots that opened in Amsterdam recently! Check our blog with 8 new restaurants in Amsterdam!

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Restaurant DS

Restaurant DS | New restaurants in Amsterdam

The ‘new Trouw’ (De School) opened in Amsterdam and includes a nice restaurant! At Restaurant DS they serve a changing menu with a choice of three, five or seven courses. And good to know: vegetables play a central role in the menu.
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Jansz | New restaurants in AMsterdam

For fine-dining in the Nine Streets, you must go to restaurant Jansz. This hotspot is inspired by the 17th-century craftsman Volckert Jansz. He was known for his exquisite taste, for both food and style and luxury. The menu features classic dishes (real culinary creations) that taste delicious.
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The Pool Amsterdam

The Pool | New restaurants in AMsterdam

From the ‘new Trouw’ back to the ‘Old Trouw’. Here you now find restaurant The Pool. In terms of decor inspired by the Miami vibe with its pink little tiles, pool-attendant chairs, neon characters, flamingos and light colored tables with a set of colorful chairs. Order several small dishes that are perfect for sharing.
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The Meets | New restaurants in aMsterdam

With The Meets on the Cornelis Troostplein we’ve got ourselves a new healthy hotspot in De Pijp. Here you go to if you want (or need) some sugar free and gluten free dishes. And yes: also for dinner! They serve for example a delicious spicy curry or a healthy beef burger. 
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Louie Louie | New restaurants in amsteram

If you’re planning on having an extensive dinner you should maybe go somewhere else. Louie Louie serves namely cozy bar food in the evening – inspired by the South American cuisine. At Yourlbb we are a big fan of bar food so we can’t wait to test this spot from start to finishAre you joining?
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Eastside Amsterdam

Eastside | New restaurants in AMsterdam

Looking for an American style restaurant? Then you should not miss the Eastside in Amsterdam East. Find meatballs on the menu as well as waffles and fried chicken. These dishes are still hot in New York, I can tell you from personal experience. And even Amsterdam just can’t get enough.
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This new tapas bar in Amsterdam is a must visit! At Pikoteo they serve Spanish tapas with an Asian twits: perfect for an evening of shared dining. Make sure to order a cocktail on the side; they are really good!
Houtmankade 9, Amsterdam,


There’s a new fish restaurant in Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s first ‘fishtronomie’ restaurant! Here they only serve fish that is caught in Dutch waters. Extra nice: you’ll find the restaurant in an old warehouse from 1680 at the Prinsengracht. Downstairs you can enjoy a good glas of wine and a tasty fish snack. And upstairs you’ll find the fish restaurant.
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Have fun at these new restaurants in Amsterdam!

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