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Best of 2015: top 6 Amsterdam hotspots of January

18 December 2015

these are the hotspots in Amsterdam of january 2015

The first month of 2015 started pretty well in Amsterdam! My intention to eat less failed straight away after the arrival of all these new hotspots. And during these cold months it’s actually nicer to sit warm inside together with friends and enjoy some good food and of course some cocktails. And so we did :-) So now we really want to share our top 6 hotspots of January 2015 with you!

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Guts & Glory  | City centre >> Best of january 2015

This hotspot on the Utrechtsestraat has a really cool concept. Each half year an animal is the main topic of  the menu which they base all their meals around. Guts & Glory is now in chapter 3 so that means that its time for beef! A recommendation for sure.
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Club Closure Amsterdam

Club Closure | city centre >> Best of january 2015

The house and techno chamber of Club Closure is always a good place for a party. Every Friday it’s time for disco and house and on Saturday it’s time for techno! The house rules are very important to remember: do not make photo’s, no access under 21 and make sure you know who is playing the stage :-)
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Vijfnulvijf Amsterdam

Vijf nul vijf | east >> Best of january 2015

The Indische Buurt in East has got their own winner for a while now! Vijfnulvijf is a popular spot with Asian tapas and sushi on the menu. For an Asian restaurant it’s remarkable to see that their interior is full of vintage furniture… Another very good reason to bring a visit to Vijfnulvijf.
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CT coffee & coconuts Amsterdam

CT coffee & coconuts | De pijp >> Best of january 2015

This hotspot in De Pijp is a favourite spot for nice juices, coffee and nice bio-organic food. The spot is a former cinema and that is what makes CT coffee and coconuts so nice and spacious. The interior is clean but cosy. A nice spot for a drink!
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Kitchen & Bar van Rijn Amsterdam

Kitchen & Bar van Rijn | city centre >> Best of january 2015

One of the reasons to visit the Rembrandtplein is Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn! Actually we don’t really like the Rembrandtplein because it’s so touristy but this spot makes up for it! The restaurant is nice and trendy and the food is super tasty. It’s the perfect fit for long dinners, but make sure you treat yourself on a cocktail afterwards! They make a cocktail based on your personal flavours.
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Caffenation Amsterdam

CAFFÈNATION | old south >> Best of january 2015

Bert is a barista from Antwerp and opened his own coffee spot in Amsterdam. The coffee, roasted in the house, is served in a variety of ways. They are all too delicious! Not a coffee lover? Try the homemade sodas and ice-teas!
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