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Apivita Store Amsterdam: natural beauty products from Greece

30 November 2015

i’m a changed person after my visit to Apivita

Do you know the Apivita Store at the Roelof Hartstraat yet? This is my discovery from last month! A discovery which made me realise something: I always try to buy as much organic products as I can except for beauty products. I travelled a lot the last months and I notice the change in my skin after flying and the pollution in the big cities where I was to make city guides.

Olga, the skin care therapist, told me that my favourite foundation is good to wear at a party               one night but not for every day.

After my visit to the Apivita Store and Beehive Spa in Amsterdam Old South it’s clear: there is something I can do to improve my skin. I will use products which are free from mineral oils and parabens because these products close the skin and prevents it from breathing and recovering. The foundation or my favourite brand turned out to be a party make up. Olga the skin care therapist told me not to wear this product every day only once in a while on a party. That was a shock! This woman has a lot of knowledge about skin products, it’s amazing!

Apivita Store Amsterdam

Apivita is a store where they only work with natural products. This Greek brand used to be sold in pharmacy’s but it’s gone worldwide now. It’s natural, effective and holistic. The product is based on all the goodness from the Greek flora. What I like is that every product has a complete ingredients list on it. You can see exactly if your product is made of 100 % natural products or as others 98%. You really know what you are buying as a costumer.

Apivita Store Amsterdam

Apivita Store Amsterdam

My skin is so soft as a baby after a extensive treatment with the new Bee Radiant line from Apivita. This line is especially created for woman in their early 30’s who should pay more attention to their skin. The Bee Radiant line prevents the first wrinkles and lines (nice) and improves the skin from the inside. We start with a good cleaning of the skin. Olga gave me the advice to clean my skin at night twice! Once for your mascara and once for your whole face to make sure everything is clean. Point taken!

I get a peeling mask during the treatment something that Olga tells me to do more often. Because of my pigment spots on my face it’s better to use the scrub mask with berries. This will help to equalize the colour of my skin. All masks are sold in single use packages which makes it perfect to take with you on a trip.

Apivita Store Amsterdam

Apivita Store Amsterdam

It was such a good idea to visit the Apivita Store! I will follow every advice that I had. When I think about it it’s crazy to use organic products for almost everything, except my skin! Time to change, I had my wake up call!


The Apivita Store

Roelof Hartstraat 58

Amsterdam (Amsterdam Old South)
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