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5 x local dishes you have to try in Tenerife

1 December 2015

The local dishes of Tenerife you shouldn’t miss on your next trip

Tenerife is an Island, a really divers Island! For example; there are growing 1083 different kinds of mushrooms on the Island and you will find a banana plantation on the side of almost every road. They catch fresh fish every day and they produce the nicest wines. Yes, in Tenerife they know what a good life means and that is…. Nice food! These are the 5 local dishes in Tenerife you have to try! 

Lokale gerechten Tenerife

1. Queso de Asada con Mojo >> local dishes in Tenerife >>

This is fried goat cheese with honey of the palm tree and the famous Mojo! Mojo exists in a red and a green variant. Green Mojo is made of green peppers and Red Mojo is made of small red peppers (pimiente picona) and paprika. Must try!

Lokale gerechten Tenerife

2. Papas Arrugadas con Mojo >> LOcal dishes in TENERIFE >>

They are crazy about potatoes on the island, especially the wrinkled potatoes! These potatoes are super soft and they look like they are covered with icing sugar. But its nothing like that, because it is the potato itself. Obviously also served with green and red Mojo, because thats what they are also crazy about on Tenerife! :-)

Lokale gerechten Tenerife

3. Cherne >> LOcal dishes in TENERIFE >>

Cherne is the local white fish and its super tasty. The fish is really soft and full of flavour. Usually Cherne comes with vegetable and Papas Arrugadas con Mojo, nice!

Lokale gerechten Tenerife

4. Conejo al Salmorejo >> LOcal dishes in TENERIFE >>

Conejo al Salmorejo means rabbit made ”al Salmorejo”. Pieces of meat of the rabbit are marinated for 6 hours long in salt, garlic, herbs, paprika, white wine and vinegar.  After that the meat is fried in olive oil and cooked in the marinated sauce.

Lokale gerechten Tenerife

5. sweets &dessert >> LOcal dishes in TENERIFE >>

You can’t skip a dessert in Tenerife, because they are all so delicious. The locals have a real sweet tooth and the restaurants usually have homemade desserts. In the window you can choose your favourite dessert. And believe me, it is not as easy as you think! My favourite dessert is white pudding with pumpkin and mango, yummm!

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