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Stargazing Tenerife: watch the stars at night

25 November 2015

stargazing tenerife: the best spot for an observatory

I can almost hear you think…what does the Island of Tenerife have to do with stargazing? It might surprise you but Tenerife has, together with La Palma, Chilli and Hawaï the best sky for a star observatory. In the National Park Teide on a 2390 meter height is the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute. This is an observatory for stars and the spot where they study the sun.

Are you into the mysteries of the cosmos? A must do is to visit the institute where you will get an explanation about the operation of a telescope and astronomy. Do you rather be outside to gaze up into the sky with a telescope? An astrology specialist shares his knowledge on the Stargazing Tour with you.

Gaze at the most special stars through a telescope. Did you know that there are red and blue stars? The red stars die and blue stars are younger… And the shooting star is actually dust what falls down with such a fast speed, it turns hot and leaves a glow in the sky. Oh, and there are 200 billion stars per galaxy! I’m not saying you learn everything while Stargazing but you do learn the first steps :-).

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