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Whales and dolphins in Tenerife: spot them whole year round

29 November 2015

SPOT whales and dolphins from los Acantilados de los Gigantes

Would you like to see dolphins and whales in the wild? Take the plane to Tenerife… In about 4,5 hour you arrive on the Island where you can spot whales and dolphins whole year round. There are 6 different kinds of dolphins and whales, so chances are there that you will spot a few different ones!

Dolfijn&walvis Tour Tenerife

The boat departs (3 times a day) from the harbour of Los Acantilados de Los Gigantes and the tour takes 2 hours. We started with our search for whales. Before you can spot them, you have to go a bit further out at sea. It was so cool to spot the first whale! It was a Pilot Whale that can get like 5 meters long.

Dolfijn&walvis Tour Tenerife

After seeing the whales it was time for the dolphin. The dolphins are closer to shore and because of their curiosity they came really close to the boat! I think I have seen 10 Bottlenose Dolphins and one came really up close! My day couldn’t get any better ;-) And to finish such a great experience off perfectly, go for a swim in front of the beach of Masca. While you’re floating in the water you have a fantastic view on the high cliffs… While I was laying there I could only think about one thing: life is good!

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Dolfijn&walvis Tour Tenerife

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