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Masca in Tenerife: a bit like Machu Picchu

2 December 2015

Masca: the hidden village between the ravines of Rural Park Teno

When you go to Tenerife make sure you visit Masca! This village is hidden between the ravines of the Rural Park Teno. The people that lived here where disconnected from the rest of the world so they had to grow their own produce. Till today there are still a few people living in the village but it mainly exists of restaurants that open up for people on a day-trip.


The way down to Masca is exciting! It is a tiny road full of corners so be careful and don’t drive in the dark. Before you descend to the village of Masca don’t forget to go to the look out. They say the view on the ravine and the village Masca looks a bit like Machu Picchu. If it’s true? I leave that up to you :-)


Once you are in Masca you will be amazed with what you see! The tiny church that still exists is from the 18th century. Maybe a little touristy but a special place and especially the view is something you will be talking about for days, so beautiful! Take a seat on the terrace of Restaurante Chez Arlette, order a nice glass of wine and enjoy the surrounding that you’re in!

Masca Tenerife

Tip: book a tour that drops you off in Masca. Start the 3,5 hour walk down to the beach of Masca (while your are enjoying the amazing view). A boat will pick you up to bring you back to Los Acantilados de Los Gigantes. Don’t forget to take a refreshing dive on the beach. Such a perfect day!

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