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The Mandarin Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong: experience the Imperial Jade treatment

13 September 2017

start your holiday in HK with a treatment at The Mandarin Spa

One of the best things about travelling to Asia for me is the spa and wellness culture they have over there. Before I leave I can already spend days looking forward to the daily massages and the trying out of special beauty treatments that are specific to one of the countries. During my stay in the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong a treatment in their famous wellness salon was something unmissable as a start of my trip in Asia.

The spa and wellness of the Mandarin Oriental is certainly a must visit when you’re staying in the hotel. Go for a swim or hop into the sauna before breakfast! But the good news is that when you’re not a guest in the hotel, you can still use all the spa and wellness facilities when you book a treatment in The Mandarin Spa. Definitely recommended!

The spa and wellness menu of The Mandarin Spa in Hong Kong is very extensive and besides all the classic treatments like massages and facials they also offer a couple of treatments that can only be found at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong. I’ve noticed that for me, massages and beauty treatments are a real escape from the daily stress, deadlines and the ongoing struggle of keeping up with things. Doing completely nothing for an hour (or maybe two if you’re lucky) and lose all track of time.

Whenever I’m lying on the treatment table I always scan my body. From my big toe, slowly upwards to the top of my head. Wat do I feel, am I feeling stressed out and will the therapist be able to extract the weak spots in my body faultlessly?

Imperial Jade treatment Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Today I find myself on the treatment table of The Mandarin Spa in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong. I’ve just put off my silk, nude coloured bathrobe with teddybear-like fabric on the inside and I’m waiting on the Imperial Jade treatment. An extensive treatment according to ancient Chinese wellness techniques that takes two hours, divided into three parts: a Chinese massage, a sesame and rice scrub and a body mask of green three and an algae mask.

During the Imperial Jade treament your body will get a boost in different steps. First an extsneive massage where they use Chinese accupressure techniques in order to extract bottlenecks in the body and improve the blood circulation and energy. I have to admit that it can get a little painful, having your connective tissue and muscle being taken care of like that. But you also immediately feel the warmth and energy flow through your body when you continue onto the next pressure point.

After the massage you’ll whole body gets a scrubbing with an oil made of natural ingredients and black sesame. I’m going to look up how to make this back home, because it’s one of the best scrubs I’ve had in my entire life. After the scrub my legs and belly are smeared with a body mask that will make sure I get a detox from all the toxics in my body.

When I find myself under the shower a little while later and I put on the soft, silk bathrobe again I feel like a reborn person.

Right after the treatment has started I already loes all sense of time and space. I feel myself sink further and further away into the treatment table. And while the body mask is doing its work my face is taken care of. First an intense cleansing, afterwards a scrub. The treatment that I’ve done is called the Imperial Jade treatment and while undergoing my facial I discover why.

My face is smeared with a silky soft mask and while I feel everything is doing its work I feel something cold on my face. With two cold stone rollers made of Jade (as I heard after the treatment) the mask is being massaged on my face. This feels so special that I couldn’t help but looking up the treatment directly afterwards and where to find these rollers. And you know what? It seems you can just buy these at most markets.

When I find myself under the shower a little while later and I put on the soft, silk bathrobe again I feel like a reborn person. It keeps amazing me how special it’s to feel what some time and attention does to your body and I promise myself to stick this back in Amsterdam. Because why do I go to the hairdresser every 6 weeks, but do I only take a massage whenever I’m on a trip?

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The Mandarin Spa Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

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