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11 best neighbourhoods in Hong Kong you want to explore

1 October 2017

discover these neighbourhoods in Hong Kong for the best trip

Hong Kong is an enormous city, yet the centre feels really compact to me. There are lots of great neighbourhoods in Hong Kong that you can explore during your city trip. From super authentic areas where the locals from Hong Kong actually live to the hipster districts where you can find a neatly interiored place on every corner of the street.

Sometimes one of those streets or districts in a large city like Hong Kong is already enough to have a great trip there. That one neighbourhood that just seem to have all the hotspots and unique spots. Where you run into a coffee place ‘spontaneously’ of which you’d wish it was located in your own home town. Or an area where you came to the right place when it comes to the most authentic noodle soup and dim sum.

discover yourlbb’s favourite neighbourhoods in hong kong

If you manage to discover those areas in a city like Hong Kong you’ve kind of have enough grip to just stroll around and go for a walk without having to make a definitive plan. That’s why I’ve lined up my favourite neighbourhoods in this blog for you, that you for sure have to remember. Depending on what you feel like doing during your trip to Hong Kong, you can easily make a decision on where to go to.

Curious as to what my other tips for Hong Kong are? I’ve made a decent amount of stop-overs with Cathay Pacific in my favourite Asian city during my years of travelling. Via the black button below you can discover all of the tips that I’ve collected for you in the past years in all the different areas of Hong Kong. Have fun and make sure to check out the latest vlog of our stop over!

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11 neighbourhoods in hong kong that you’ll want to know for your next trip

Sai Ying Pun: if there’s one district in Hong Kong that I would name as the most up and coming neighbourhood it would have to be Sai Ying Pun. In this area you can find lots of new restaurants for example, like the well-known spot from Bali, Potato Head. The rents here are a lot more affordable and that’s the reason many milennials we’ve spoke to came to this neighbourhood, West from the trendy Shueng Wan. Are you the type of person that looks for the newest hotspots in a city like Hong Kong, you have to visit this district for sure.

Kennedy Town: This area is on the West from Sai Ying Pun and is also very upcoming. This area is also called craft beer town by the locals. Yes, also in Hong Kong craft beers are emerging and you can find say, breweries and tasting rooms in Kennedy Town.

Teds Lookout Hong Kong

Ted’s Lookout

Wan Chai: Definitely one of the nicer neighbourhoods in Hong Kong. In Wan Chai you can find a mix of offices, trendy shops and great restaurants. This district is also where The Academy of Performing Arts is located and you can see this during the week by the hip students that walk around here. If there’s a part in this area that you sure don’t want to miss it would be the part in Wan Chai in the area of the Starstreet. Here you can find for example the Monocole Shop, lots of unique fashion boutqies, but also the very nice cocktail bar Ted’s Lookout! If you want to discover more great hotspots in Wan Chai then take a look at the Wan Chai guide >>

Sheung Wan: One of the most laidback and hipster style neighboorhouds of Hong Kong is Sheung Wan. Whoever’s into coffee bars came to the right place here. As you can find lots of independent coffee spots here where hipsters will make you the very best coffee. Often you can also get brunch at these places! What makes this area so fun is that it really is a mix of stalls on the street that sell all kinds of things to art galleries, temples and trendy cafés. Check out our tips for Sheung Wan here!

wijken in hong kong

Aberdeen Street Social

SOHO: This neighbourhood is officialy located in the Central area, but it has a totally different vibe. Without a doubt, here you can find the most hotspots in Hong Kong that are very close to each other. Addresses you don’t want to miss are for example PMQ, Aberdeen Street Social and Little Bao. The district owes its name to the Hollywood Road and it actually refers to the part ‘South Of Hollywood Road’. Definitely pay this area a visit to check out the cute restaurants, cocktail bars and awesome stores! By the way, this area is also where the famous escalator is found, because it can get pretty steep in these streets.

Lan Kwai Fong: At the border of the Central district you’ll find the most popular area when it comes to clubbing in Hong Kong. If you want to go out for some dancing or drinks till late you came to the right place near Wyndham Street and D’Aguilar Street. My favourite cocktail bar and rooftop bar in this district in Hong Kong is Cé La Vi. If you’d like a great spot here it’s best to make a reservation!

perhaps the most authentic neighbourhood of hong kong…

Sham Shui Po: This neighbourhood is not trendy at all, and there are no hotspots to be found. But if you’re looking for the real local Hong Kong or perhaps you’ve been to Hong Kong a few times already and you feel like exploring a different neighbourhood, this is a definitive recommendation of mine. For example, I did a food tour here during one of my first trips to Hong Kong. WOW, what special things have I tasted and seen back then.

Don’t expect many English-speaking people here so if you’re going for a bite somewhere, trust your gut when it comes to ordering or perhaps point to what the person next to you is eating. Or you can take a local guide of course, via Check out the video of the food tour that I took in Sham Shui Po here!

some more neighbourhoods in hong kong…

Another well-known neighbourhood in Hong Kong is the ‘central’ district which is more the business district of the city, with lots of fancy hotels and where everything is focused on business.

Furthermore you can find the neighbourhood Tsim Sha Tsui at the very end of Kowloon by the water. This area is pretty touristic and is known for the amount of museums and shopping malls. This is also the neighbourhood if you perhaps take the Star Ferry from Hong Kong Island towards Kowloon.

Causeway Bay is a neighbourhood for whoever loves to shop and wants to go nuts in the warehouses and shopping malls. For me personally this is a bit of a less exciting area, although the Skye rooftop bar is definitely worth to visit and have a drink.

And finally, the last tip for the neighbourhoods in Hong Kong. If you’re a fan of nightmarkets you’ll definitely want to go to the area Mongkok in Hong Kong. Amongst others you’ll find the well-known Ladies Market here and the Temple Street Night Market. There you can find all the souvenirs you can possibly think of, and where you can buy knock off designer items. What makes Mongkok fun is that there are lots of local dining spots. Here you can have some very tasty food for very little money.

I hope this overview of all the different neighbourhoods in Hong Kong has helped you with planning your trip! Have fun if you’re going to Hong Kong anytime soon.

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wijken in hong kong

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The Peninsula: beautiful view of the skyline of Hong Kong
Mandarin Oriental: unknown luxury in this classic hotel
Ritz Carlton: the famous Ozon bar is also situated in this hotel
Hotel Stage: trendy hotel in the area of the evening market at Temple Street
Madera Hollywood: the location of this hotel in the heart of Soho is perfect!
The Jervois: one of the best hotels in the trendy Shueng Wan area
Cordis Hotel: lovely luxurious hotel in Kowloon next to a gigantic shopping mall
East Hong Kong: cute lifestyle hotel with an awesome rooftop bar
99 Bonham: nice and trendy hotel in the great neighbourhood Shueng Wan
W Hong Kong: recommended if you’re in Hong Kong during the summer because they have a pool!
Cue Hotel: very affordable lifestyle hotel in the Wan Chai area
One96: are you staying in Hong Kong for some longer time? If yes, choose a serviced apartment!
The Park Lane Hotel: nice hotel in Causeway Bay with a very nice rooftop bar

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