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Hoya de Cadenas Valencia: must visit winery for a wine tasting

7 October 2015

Winetasting at Hoya de Cadenas of Vicente Gandia Valencia

Cheerful coloured streets, cool street art, a white beach with palm trees and the best paella.  Valencia is one of my favourite cities for a city trip. Just perfect to go to with friends for the weekend or a romantic holiday with your lover. Did you know this is also the place to go for wine lovers? The city is surrounded by vineyards and wineries where they make really good wine. So when you find yourself in Valencia, you definitely have to do a wine tasting. We can recommend you to go to vineyard Hoya de Cadenas of Vicente Gandìa.

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Hoya de Cadenas Valencia Hoya de Cadenas Valencia

It’s a one and a half hour drive from Valencia which takes you through beautiful landscapes full of sunflowers. All worth it, as the wine is waiting for you while you arrive at Vicente Gandia! ;-) Lots and lots of good wine! Red, white, rosé and cava. We got the chance to try it all. And it is so much fun to actually find out what you like and don’t like. For example, I am not a big fan of sour sweets but I do always order a crisp dry white wine. So my favourite turned out to be the “Hoya de Cadenas Night Harvest“. Of Muscat, Viura and Chardonnay. I hardly order a rosé when in Amsterdam but I couldn’t resist “Hoya de Cadenas Heretat“. It tasted so good! And more of a red wine lover? I recommend the “Rioja Raiza Reserva“. Fits perfectly with meat and cheeses.

Make sure you pay extra attention to the wine labels, these are made by a Valencian designer and look really cool.

Vicente Gandia Valencia Vicente Gandia Valencia

Are you a real wine lover and would like to know more about the variety of wines they produce here? Book a tour to the old wine basements. Here they tell you about what the influence of wood and waiting time does to the flavour of the wine. Go for a stroll through the vineyards, pick some grapes and experience the ultimate wine experience.

Tip: curious about the Valencian wines but no time to travel to Spain? Wine importer Oud Reuchlin & Boelen delivers wines from Vicente Gandìa to places like De Foodhallen and Rollende Keukens!

Hoya de Cadenas Valencia

Photocredits: Tony Perez

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Hoya de Cadenas of Vicente Gandìa
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