Ness Valencia: paella restaurant in the city

Ness Valencia

Fine dining with delicious paella? Ness is where you have to be!

If there is something Spain is known for, it’s paella. And I am crazy about it! I even learned how to prepare it myself on a city trip to Valencia at Escuela de Arroces y Paella. But obviously it’s nicer when a chef prepares it for you ;-). That’s why I went for dinner at restaurant Ness in the city centre of Valencia. Because here they know how to make really good paella.

Where our Dutchies can skip a lunch easily, in Valencia it’s a different thing. They take their time for it. Like sitting down on a sunny terrace, with delicious wines. Also, I sat down at Ness around lunch time where we drank a beautiful Cava from Hoya de Cadenas. After that they served a variety of small starters. Carpaccio of beef and a carpaccio of shrimp (surprisingly tasty!), a fresh green salad with cucumber and tomato, cheeses, Spanish chorizo and bread. Tip: don’t eat to much of the starter, because the main is still coming and I’m pretty sure you want to finish it completely!

Ness Valencia Ness Valencia Ness Valencia

Paella X Ness Valencia

After the starter it was time for paella. In a massive big pot. Filled with delicious seafood like mussels, shrimps and other shellfish. It looked amazing, smelled gorgeous and tasted delicious! A good paella has to stick a little at the bottom of the pan so you get that light roasted flavour. And let me tell you a secret: this was a very good paella! ;-) Naturally served with a good white wine from winery Vicente Gandìa where we did a wine tasting!

Bon Appetit!

Ness Valencia Ness Valencia

Photocredits: Tony Perez

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