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22 X best museums in Amsterdam to visit once

13 May 2024
Photo credit: © Van Gogh Museum

For those seeking a guide to the best museums in Amsterdam, look no further. A visit to a museum is always good for a healthy dose of inspiration. Come face to face with iconic paintings, delve into the history of the city, and be amazed by cutting-edge modern art and interactive exhibitions. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, history buff, or simply in search of cultural inspiration, the recommendations in this list of the best museums in Amsterdam have it all (according to us!). Also nice, with a museum card, you can walk right in for ‘free’ to most of the tips on this list! We’ve compiled these 22 best museums in Amsterdam for you, so all you need to do is book a ticket.

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STRAAT Museum is a constantly evolving museum where you’ll be exposed to various artworks. All works are street art, but created in different styles, forms, and techniques. This museum also offers you the opportunity to view works by over 140 artists, from 32 nationalities, from around the world. The impressive sizes and unique subjects of the works will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.
NDSM-Plein 1, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam STRAAT

Museum STRAAT ©Facebook

Het Groote Museum

Het Groote Museum is a museum of ARTIS. This museum explores the connections between you, your body, and other life on this planet. Also, great fun to visit with children as you embark on a personal expedition in this museum. Topics such as origin, the emergence of life and the world, and flora and fauna are central in this museum.
Plantage Middenlaan 41, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam Groote Museum

Het Groote Museum ©Facebook

Moco Museum

The Modern Contemporary Museum, also known as MOCO Museum, is located on Museumplein. The museum is housed in Villa Alsberg and designed by the brother of Pierre Cuypers, the designer of the Rijksmuseum. In the museum, you’ll find many unique and modern artworks. Big names you can find in the museum include Banksy and Andy Warhol. The art is very accessible and therefore highly suitable for visiting with children, a family, or relatives!
Honthorststraat 20, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam MOCO


More museums in Amsterdam you have to visit

Stedelijk Museum

You can also see beautiful modern art by famous artists at the Stedelijk Museum. This museum in Amsterdam displays works by Pollock, Picasso, Rodin, Matisse, Kandinsky, and Warhol, among others. Additionally, the museum features changing exhibitions, so you can be surprised by new artworks with each visit. The museum also has a nice terrace and café where you can enjoy a drink or snack after your visit.
Museumplein 10, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam Stedelijk

Stedelijk Museum ©Facebook

AMAZE Amsterdam

AMAZE Amsterdam is one of the museums in Amsterdam that is definitely worth a visit. This museum is not traditional, as you can admire an audiovisual performance by creatives and show makers here. You’ll be entertained in seven rooms for about 75 minutes, immersed in sound, light, performance, and visuals. The unique location of AMAZE Amsterdam is also great to explore. There’s also a colourful lounge where you can have a coffee or refreshment.
Elementenstraat 25, Amsterdam –

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beste museum amsterdam amaze

AMAZE Amsterdam ©Facebook


Of course, the Rijksmuseum cannot be missed in this list of museums in Amsterdam! In this beautiful museum, you’ll find the work of many Dutch masters, such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer. Famous works on display include ‘De Nachtwacht‘ and ‘Het Melkmeisje‘. You can easily spend a few hours in the largest art museum in the Netherlands and be transported back to the Netherlands of 800 years ago. Also, be sure to admire the building of the Rijksmuseum, designed by city architect Pierre Cuypers.
Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam Rijksmuseum

© Rijksmuseum

NXT Museum

There’s much more to art than the landscapes and still lives we know from museums. At NXT Museum, you’ll find digital art! Through ten installations, you can discover various forms of modern art and their associated techniques. You’ll also get a unique glimpse into the potential future of art. So, be prepared to be surprised at this museum, where your senses are sure to be stimulated!
Asterweg 22, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam NXT

NXT Museum ©Facebook

More best museums in Amsterdam


A museum that focuses on different cultures is found at the Wereldmuseum. It’s one of the largest museums in Amsterdam. You’ll see various artworks telling stories about worldly cultures, with a particular focus on non-Western cultures. Both interesting for children and adults. The museum also organizes extra activities such as lectures, music shows, and performances. In short, a beautiful museum in Amsterdam.
Linnaeusstraat 2, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam Tropenmuseum


Our House amsterdam

Our House Amsterdam is a museum that celebrates one of the most popular music genres, namely electronic dance music. Through interactive exhibitions, installations, and shows, you’ll get to know this music genre. You can even create your own music and learn how to mix a track.
Amstelstraat 24, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam OUR HOUSE

Our House ©Facebook

Fabrique des Lumières

If you want to see artworks come to life through light, then Fabrique des Lumières is the place to be. In this large digital art centre, you’ll see masterpieces by artists like Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser in a whole new light. Classical, contemporary, and modern art are all featured. The art projections will stay with you long after your visit. The exhibitions change regularly, so there’s always something new to see.
Pazzanistraat 37, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam Fabrique des lumieres

Fabrique des Lumières ©Facebook

FOAM Fotografiemuseum

At this museum in Amsterdam, you’ll find changing exhibitions focused on photography, covering both classical and contemporary photography. The spacious and beautiful spaces of the FOAM Photography Museum are located in a stunning building along Amsterdam’s canals. Not only is the photography worth seeing, but so is the mansion itself, which is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Keizersgracht 609, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam FOAM

FOAM Fotografiemuseum ©Facebook

More museums in Amsterdam to visit once

NEMO Science Museum

An interactive museum with a focus on children, but also interesting for adults, is the NEMO Science Museum. This science centre is located next to Amsterdam Central Station and is easily recognizable by its green building. In the museum, you’ll learn interactively about the role of science and how certain scientific phenomena occur.
Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam NEMO

NEMO Science Museum ©Facebook

Allard Pierson Museum

Looking for a museum that focuses on topics like archaeology, literature, religious history, and zoology? Be sure to visit the Allard Pierson Museum. Here you’ll find mummified humans and animals, extensive collections of maps and atlases, and casts from the Greek and Roman times. You can also see the heritage collection collected by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the museum.
Oude Turfmarkt 127, Amsterdam –

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beste museum amsterdam Allard Pierson

Allard Pierson © Facebook

Amsterdam Museum

In a sixteenth-century building, which is still in beautiful condition, you’ll learn more about Amsterdam and its history. From the seventeenth century to the present capital of the Netherlands, you’ll traverse the diverse periods that Amsterdam has experienced over the centuries. There’s also an interactive exhibition in the museum. All in all, this makes the Amsterdam Museum a highly suitable museum to visit for all ages.
Amstel 51, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum © Facebook


The Hermitage is a museum in a beautiful building that was built in 1680. One of the rooms of the Hermitage even hosted grand parties and received high-profile visitors. It’s now a museum in Amsterdam, where you can see a variety of exhibitions and artworks. From photography and installations to paintings, you’ll see it all there.
Amstel 51, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam Hermitage

De Hermitage ©Facebook

More museums in Amsterdam to visit


In 2016, Micropia won the European Museum of the Year Award for its innovative topics. In this museum in Amsterdam, you’ll learn more about microorganisms and microbes. What different types of microbes are there? And what role do they actually play in our lives and in the world? You’ll find and/or hear the answers at Micropia.
Plantage Kerklaan 38, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam Micropia

Micropia ©Facebook

Van Gogh Museum

Like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum is one of the most famous museums in Amsterdam. With more than two hundred works, you’ll learn all about the life of this Dutch master. Not only will you see Van Gogh’s artworks, but also drawings and letters that take you along on his journey to success. Through the letters between Vincent van Gogh and his brother, Theo, you’ll also learn more about the personal challenges he faced.
Museumplein 6, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam Van Gogh

©Van Gogh Museum

Eye Filmmuseum

At the Eye Filmmuseum, film takes centre stage. They present film not only as a form of entertainment but also as an art form, cultural heritage, and social documentation. Through new insights, you will start to look at film differently. Additionally, there is a rotating exhibition on display at this museum! Either way, by the end of the day, you will have a greater appreciation for the art that is film.
IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam EYE Filmmuseum

Eye Filmmuseum ©Facebook

More best museums in Amsterdam

Het Scheepvaartmuseum

The maritime history of the Netherlands and Europe is explored at the Scheepvaartmuseum. There are interactive exhibitions where you can board a replica of a VOC ship. This ship sank but has been rebuilt to give you a sense of travelling back in time. Furthermore, you can delve into sea battles, trade routes, and the role of maritime navigation during the Golden Age.
Kattenburgerplein 1, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam Scheepsvaartmuseum

Het Scheepvaartmuseum ©Facebook

Huis Willet-Holthuysen

At Huis Willet-Holthuysen, you enter a seventeenth-century canal house formerly inhabited by Louisa Holthuysen and Abraham Willet. Inside, you’ll find a rich collection of art and historical artefacts. You can also escape the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam in the French garden. Be sure not to miss viewing the ballroom and the gentlemen’s salon before leaving the museum.
Herengracht 605, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam Huis Willet Holthuysen

Huis Willet-Holthuysen ©Facebook

Het Joods Museum

The Jewish Museum is a museum in Amsterdam that specifically focuses on the Jewish community in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The museum features both a permanent collection and changing exhibitions. Additionally, there’s the Jewish Museum Junior, which is suitable for visiting with children. With a guide, you can learn more about the history of Judaism and the daily life of a Jewish family.
Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1, Amsterdam 

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beste museum amsterdam JCK

Het Joods Museum ©Facebook

WONDR museum

A playground for adults? It really exists! At the WONDR museum in Amsterdam, you can enjoy various games, swim in a pool filled with marshmallows, dive into a ball pit, and sing in one of the karaoke rooms. Not only are these activities incredibly fun and entertaining, but you can also capture them beautifully in the museum’s colourful environment.
Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam

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beste museum amsterdam WONDR Experience

WONDR Experience ©Facebook

more Amsterdam tips

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NXT Museum
STRAAT street art museum
MOCO Museum for street and modern art
Amaze, an audiovisual labyrint
Food Tasting Tour of Jordaan area
Albert Cuyp Market Food Tour
Sightseeing Boat Cruise with unlimited drinks
Pancake Cruise
Micro Brewery Beer Tasting Tour
Fatbike e-bike tour (also to Amsterdam North)
Rent a bike by yourself and explore like a local
Outside of Amsterdam: windmills & Zaanse Schans
3 hour biketour: backstreets & hidden gems
Private Canal Boat Tour
Rijksmuseum with the Dutch masters
Van Gogh Museum, a staple in Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum for modern art lovers
Canal Cruise in the evening
Discover the Instagrammable experience WONDR
The Upside Down
Get out of town and into the Dutch country side of Giethoorn
Drive-it-Yourself Tulip Fields GPS Audio Tour
⋙ Catch a direct train from Amsterdam to Antwerp, Brussels, London or Paris, starting at € 20,-! Check tickets & prices >>
Visit Artis Royal Zoo
Go an a bike tour with the kids
NEMO Science Museum
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Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour
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| TIP: Buy an I amsterdam City Card. Save money on entrance fees to museums and attractions, public transport and profit from discounts on everything from restaurants to concerts. You can also skip some lines to make the most of your time in Amsterdam! You can buy a card for 24 hours up to 120 hours. Check the prices here >>

Our favourite hotels in Amsterdam:
Pillows Maurits at the Park: this newly opened hotel is all about luxury.
Pulitzer Amsterdam: on the canals at the border of the Nine Streets and the Jordaan.
L’Europe: recently renovated, this hotel has the best spa with a view in Amsterdam.
Conservatorium Hotel: located in one of the most beautiful buildings in town.
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: if you have something to celebrate this is the one.
W Amsterdam: with lively restaurants and a posh rooftop bar with swimming pool.
The Hoxton: favourite lifestyle hotel right on the canals with great all day bar.
Hotel Jakarta: the most sustainable hotel ánd great value for money with a spa.
Hotel V: with two locations and a great restaurant, in the city center and East.
Sir Adam: with the coolest view over Amsterdam from the North side.
Sweets: a unique stay in former bridge houses.
Hotel Dwars: small scale and around the corner of the trendy Utrechtsestraat.
Hotel Mercier: pretty new hotel in the cosy and historic Jordaan district.
INK Hotel: lifestyle hotel in the heart of the city by MGallery.
Morgan & Mees: boutique hotel with restaurant in Amsterdam West.
Conscious Hotel Westerpark: in a beautiful building at the industrial Westergas area.
Ruby Emma: eco design hotel with a great skybar near Amstel station.
Generator Hostel: the best poshtel of the city located in a park.
The Social Hub budget proof in trendy East district close tho the subway.
Het Volkshotel: affordable and with a cool rooftop bar.
CitizenM: all you need is that XL bed (location near Amstel is great).
Motel One: budget design hotel with several locations in Amsterdam.

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