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The best (last-minute) holiday deals to get away from it all

Do you want to take a break? Whether you want to relax in a nice cabin in The Netherlands, want to take a city trip by train or are looking for the best last-minute holiday deals… we got you covered!

Last-minute holiday deals can be a great way to escape the Netherlands and get away from the daily grind. Especially during this period, there is a good chance that travel agencies and tour operators have purchased more than the number of trips that are now being booked. Good for you, because that’s when they are offering these trips as last-minute holiday deals! And this can be about anything; from flights and accommodation to meals and activities, often at a high discount.

Here’s how to find the best last-minute holiday deals

When looking for last-minute deals, it’s important to be flexible with your travel dates and destinations. Many deals are for off-peak travel periods (unfortunately for anyone stuck with school holidays like me!) or for destinations that may not be as popular. You can find the best last-minute holiday offers by spending a lot of time searching the well-known travel websites, such as or (view their last-minute flight holidays up to € 499 here, for example). But I can also definitely recommend that you subscribe to their newsletters and follow their social media accounts, because the offers are often communicated there. I often use this myself to find the best deals on airline tickets!

Book a holiday separately or as a package?

Don’t underestimate the value of a package holiday now that airline tickets have become so incredibly expensive. Especially for popular holiday destinations, it can save quite a lot of money to book a package holiday instead of separate flights. So always check whether the hotel you want to book might also be offered as a package holiday and compare what it costs compared to booking everything separately yourself. Check out the best last minute holiday deals in this shortlist.

Furthermore, in this article I have already done some preliminary work for you and collected offers from tour operators where I always book myself, but also the best ‘from deals’ for my favorite destinations. And because you don’t always have to go far from home to get away from it all, I also give a number of tips for days out in the Netherlands with a discount.



Escape to nature

From € 50,-

Find a nice cabin or house in the Duch nature to escape your busy life for a short (weekend) break.


Train City Trips

From € 20,-

Going on an international city trip in Europe by train? You can do that from € 20,- for a one-way ticket!


Holiday Last-Minutes

From € 148,-

Want to escape the Netherlands for a holiday? We got you! Check out all the last-minute deals you should know

We always book the best holiday deals through: De Vakantiediscounter, Tui or Corendon.


Day-trips with discount

From € 5,-

Recognizable? You want to spend a day out in the Netherlands with the kids, but without expensive entrance tickets for the whole family.

Before I was a mother myself, I was never like that, but now when we go to a zoo or other kid-proof amusement park, I always check websites such as Voordeeluitjes, Vakantieveilingen, Tripper or Actie van de Dag (most websites in Dutch but I think you can manage to translate it!). If you are lucky, you can save up to 50% on the entrance price. There is certainly not always something interesting, but you can easily search by location (such as Amsterdam or any other place in the Netherlands) so just give it a chance!


Book a surprise trip

From € 195,-

Via SPRS.ME you book a weekend away with destination unknown! So get surprised at the airport when you open the envelop.