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3 x the best hotels in Aarhus where you want to book right away

20 December 2016

these hotels in aarhus turn your city trip into a dream!

Did you know that Aarhus is the cultural capital of Europe in 2017? And that’s not quite the surprise, because this city has a unique blend to offer. Everywhere you go, you’ll recognize the old industrial buildings mixed up with plenty of new, modern buildings. This same blend also reflects on the hotels in Aarhus. Besides hotels from large chains, also boutique hotels are growing by number.

When looking for a hotel in Aarhus, you can opt for a hotel in the centre of town (the city centre is not too big) or choose a hotel on the coast or in the woods. Because in addition to the mix of old industry and new modernity this makes Aarhus unique as well: the city is surrounded by both beach and forest!

For the hotels in the city it goes that everything is easily accessible by foot. For the hotels outside the city centre it is recommended to hire a bike. Did you know that the Danes love to bike just as much as the Dutch? Ideal!

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3 x the best boutique hotels in Aarhus (Denmark)

city hotel oasia aarhus

City Hotel Oasia: This hotel is very close to the station and this makes the location just perfect. The hotel has only two floors, with most rooms located on the ground floor next to the courtyard. That, plus the beautiful sofas in the lounge, definitely contribute to the quiet, intimate atmosphere.

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Comwell Aarhus: Is your sense of direction not too strong? Then the Comwell Aarhus hotel is a recommendation, because its one of the highest buildings in the city! And thus a very handy landmark ;-) With its eye-catching, colorful design, this is indeed one of the most modern boutique hotels in the city.

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hotel villa provence aarhus

Villa Provence: Looking for romance? Don’t look any further, Villa Provence in Aarhus got everything you need. Partly because of their wonderful location and beautiful courtyard. But also because of the attractive bedrooms that take you back in time with romantic canopy beds and classic bath tubs. Tip: go for the Large Superior Room!

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Have fun planning your trip to Aarhus!

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