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9 x best restaurants in Aarhus (Denmark) from smørrebrød to Mexican finger food

21 December 2016

you don’t want to miss these great restaurants in aarhus!

For the most restaurants in Aarhus it goes that you should know where to find them, otherwise you won’t easily bump into them. Actually, the best restaurants in Aarhus are hidden gems piece by piece. Hidden courtyards behind the streets, along the waterfront of the city river or just at a very busy intersection… Those who search shall find ;-) And time after time you’ll be surprised, because in Aarhus they know how to do it right. You can go out for dinner in authentic ‘spisesalons‘ (dining rooms) and eat the classic smørrebrød or go to the ‘new’ hipster hotspots for some delicious gourmet fast food. And because the city centre of Aarhus is not so big, you can easily reach all restaurants by foot. That makes your discovery tour through the city even more enjoyable!

My trip was slightly too short to eat at all the restaurants, but I did my very best ;-) An absolute must try during your city trip to Aarhus is eating smørrebrød. Most of the best restaurants in Aarhus have this classic Danish (lunch) dish on the menu and it’s actually not more than an open sandwich. Two slices of buttered rye bread serve as the bottom layer and the rest is a surprise. The variations are endless and that’s why every restaurant will create its own original variation. As a meal, smørrebrød is not too heavy and therefore perfect for lunch. In the evening the smørrebrød will make place for menus with farm-fresh fish or dishes of the international cuisine. And very convenient: the price-quality ratio of the restaurants in Aarhus is very good. Almost all restaurants are very affordable. This has partly to do with the fact that Aarhus is a real student city. Aarhus has about 315,000 inhabitants, of which 20% is student.

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9 x the best restaurants in aarhus to try when you’re there

Because the city centre of Aarhus is not too big, the nicest restaurants are spread across the city. Most of the best restaurants in Aarhus can be found in the lively Latin Quartier, but for example Raadhuus Kafeen is right next to the town hall.

kahler spiesesalon 600x450

Kähler Spiesesalon: You’ll find this restaurant behind the big mall Bruun’s Gade. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Aarhus, mainly because of its delicious smørrebrød. But during the evenings as well the tables at Kahler are very wanted. That’s why reservations are needed, so let them know in advance that you’re coming!

f høj aarhus 600x450

F-Høj: What makes Aarhus as a city so organized, is the river that divides the city in two parts. When you follow this river, you’ll automatically pass F-Høj. A small, but very nice place. Here as well the delicious smørrebrød is served (the one with chicken and bacon!), but you can also get sweets like pastries and chocolate.

langhoff & juul aarhus 600x450

Langhoff & Juul: Definitely one of my favorite restaurants of this list! Everything is just right here: the bar is super beautiful, all the different tables are lovely, there are cute writings on the wall and even the crockery is on point. This is one of the best restaurants in Aarhus and if you go out for dinner here, you’ll definitely enjoy your night out.

raadhuus kadeen aarhus 600x450

Raadhuus Kafeen: As authentic as this restaurant looks from the outside, so traditional it is from the inside. Raadhuus Kafeen is a typical Danish spisesalon where dishes of high quality are served. Think of classics like stew, hash and schnitzel. But of course with a Danish twist: the stew is served with two fried eggs, beetroot and rye bread.

haute friture aarhus

Haute Friture: Nowadays, every city has a haute friture: an upscale snackbar where fries are chic & fancy. Also in Aarhus you’ll find glorified fries and good chickens. Besides that, Haute Friture also serves sandwiches like nowhere else.

vaca aarhus

Vaca: Around the corner at Haute Friture – and also in one of the liveliest streets of the city – you find Vaca. A trendy take-out spot for Mexican finger food. The portions are large, the price small and the choice is huge. Is it a sunny day in Aarhus? Then these on the go snacks are all you need for your walk towards the water.

oil nico aarhus

Oil Nico: Also around the corner at Vaca and Haute Friture you find another great spot: Oil Nico. In this gastro/grill bar you can go for lunch and dinner. As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel the cozy setting. The perfect place to enjoy a good cup of coffee or a fine wine.

cafe drudenfuss aarhus

Café Drudenfuss: Cafe Drudenfuss is a cozy cafe, just a few doors down Haute Friture. During the day this is a nice spot for coffee and lunch (the taerten is delicious!), during the evening you can enjoy your dinner without too much fuss here. Do you want to linger for a drink? That’s possible as well!

jacobs barbq aarhus

Jacob’s BarBQ: When walking throurgh Aarhus, you will notice one thing: there are hidden courtyards everywhere. Jacob’s BarBQ is just one of those places, hidden behind a shopping street. And that makes the terrace – just about the entire courtyard – even more cute. And as the name suggests, here you go for a good piece of meat.

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