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3 x the best coffee bars in Aarhus (Denmark) to enjoy specialty coffee

22 December 2016

this is where you drink the best cup of coffee in aarhus

As a true coffee lover I love to explore and go on the hunt for the best coffee bars in other cities. It somehow makes the experience of a city complete when you start your day with your regular cup of latte in the local coffee spot. There you are, sipping your coffee among locals who are on their way to work or just reading the newspaper. Also in Aarhus they share the love of coffee. That goes from new coffee spots in bright Scandi style or dark, cozy cabanas hidden in side streets. I collected my favourites in this blog for you!

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3 x the best specialty coffee bars in Aarhus

street coffee aarhus

Street Coffee: You find Street Coffee at two locations in the city. The smallest one, and I mean very small, is just behind the Bruun’s Gade shopping mall. If you would not know that this place is here, you would walk right past it. The larger one is in the Latin Quartier. Already at 7.30 in the morning they are ready for you. And not just with coffee, but with croissants, granola and nut cake as well. Especially for the early birds among us this is a wonderful spot. You can slowly wake up here by the candles and jazz music- played on an old record player. Not so surprising that this concept is one of the best coffee shops in Aarhus ;-)

la cabra coffee roasters
La Cabra Coffee Roasters: In a very cozy street where bikers are cycling by with high speed – just like in Amsterdam – you find La Cabra Coffee Roasters, one of the best coffee bars in Aarhus. A place crowded with students, tourists and business people. The coffee here is just so good and no wonder why: they make it themselves at La Cabra. You almost want to take it home and guess what? You may! They blend the coffee right in front of you and wrap it up in a beautiful package (gift tip!). Besides coffee you can also have breakfast with morgenmad (yoghurt and muesli) or toast here.

great coffee aarhus

Great Coffee: Also this coffee bar is one of those hidden gems in Aarhus. This is one of the specialty coffee bars in Aarhus and is located in one of the side streets of the Latin Quartier, in a courtyard where you would walk right pass. One thing will be clear as soon as you enter this place: they sure love good coffee here. The coffee roasting machines stand in the middle of the place, surround by cosy corners. It just looks like a small coffee factory!

Enjoy your coffee!

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