Aarhus City Trip (Denmark): 9 reasons why we love this city

18 December 2016

Copenhagen is fun, but don’t forget aarhus!

A travel trend that we welcome very much is too look further than only a countries capitols. Beside these A-cities there are so many cool B-cities. In Germany there’s Hamburg next to Berlin and in France there’s Bordeaux as a little Paris. When it comes to Denmark you can add Aarhus to this list! Did you know that rising star Aarhus is one of the cultural capitols in 2017 in Europe? We went ahead to check this city out for you and made an extensive travel guide for you! In this blog we’re sharing why we think that you should check it out too!

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Aarhus Travel Tips

9 x Aarhus travel tips and why you want to go there too

  1. Aarhus offers a great mix of modern and historical architecture and many cool industrial buildings near the harbour that give the city this cool edge.
  2.  The city center of Aarhus is not too big and therefore this city is perfect for a city trip of 2-3 days!
  3. There’s a river running through the city that makes it easy to navigate and the banks are perfect to chill on a warm summer day with a drink and some food.
  4. Aarhus is surrounded by a dense forest (with deers) as well as beaches and sea. Perfect is you love cities but are also an outdoor type of person!
  5. 20% of the people living in Aarhus are students and that gives the city this young vibe and lively character. There are many new initiatives like bars, cafes and the new food market Aarhus Central Food Market!
  6. In Aarhus cycling is just as common as in The Netherlands and there are bike lines in the city and also some nice bike rides in the forest. en door de stad en is het huren van een fiets makkelijk en betaalbaar!
  7. When it comes to shopping in Aarhus you find a nice mix of Scandinavian design, high street brands and small boutiques. Perfect for a shopping spree!
  8. Because of the location near the sea Aarhus is also a perfect destination for a city beach trip. We like to call that an urban beach holiday!
  9. Throughout the entire city you can spot cool street art!

Have fun if you’re going to Aarhus this year and make sure to check out our guide full of tips.

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