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Aarhus Travel Guide: 48 hours in Aarhus (Denmark)

25 December 2016

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When you think of a city trip in Europe, then Aarhus in Denmark is probably not the destination on top of your mind. Indeed, the chances that you have not heard of this city are perhaps even bigger. Yet Aarhus is an ideal destination for a city trip. The town itself is not too big, but the different neighborhoods and beautiful surroundings provide plenty of diversity. You can shop in the narrow cozy streets of the Latin Quarter, view ultra modern architecture and old industry buildings in Aarhus Ø and Old Town and go on adventure in the nearby woods or city beach.

And did you know that Aarhus is the cultural capital of Europe in 2017? Thanks to the creative character of the city, with all its new projects taking place against the decor of the ancient port city. The mix of old industrial buildings and new, modern architecture, fine coffee spots, street art and good restaurants make Aarhus the perfect destination for a wonderful weekend! We were 48 hours in Aarhus and discovered all the treasures of the city. Read on and join our 48 hours in Aarhus Travel Guide!

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48 uur in aarhus

Day 1 >> 48 hours in Aarhus Travel Guide

From the airport in Billund, there is an excellent connection to the center of Aarhus. The bus to the city centre is already waiting for you outside the airport and in 1.5 hours you reach down town. The one thing that you will immediately notice is all the green around you! In comparison to Amsterdam the roads are almost empty here.

The best stop to exit the bus is at the train station in Aarhus. This is in the city centre of the town and almost everything is nearby. Do not expects trams or metros over here, the residents of Aarhus do mostly everything by bike or with the excellent bus connections.

48 uur in aarhus

After our check-in City Hotel Oasiawhich is located just steps away from the station, we start our walking tour towards DOKK1. This is the brand new urban media space of Aarhus; an ultramodern building in which the library, the municipal service and the cultural centre are housed under one roof. We take a short break at Street Food Aarhusthe youngest food market of Aarhus. You can compare it with the Amsterdam De Hallen: several food stalls with affordable snacks. After eating a delicious bao bun we continue our way to DOKK1. This building shows the true nature of the city: an ultramodern building with multiple functions, located on the old industrial harbor. Make sure you take a look inside, because on the back of the building you are surprised with an exceptional view over the old port. So cool!

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After DOKK1 theARoS Art Museum bis on the agenda. This museum is on the other side of the city and is best known thanks to its special rainbow panaroma. This is a round walk in rainbow colors where you can walk through. Definitely a special experience and therefor highly recommended.

48 uur in aarhus

Na de culturele dosis van de dag is het tijd voor lekker eten. Dat doen we bij Langhoff & Juul. Een hip restaurant waarbij alles klopt. Van de mooie bar en alle verschillende tafels tot aan de teksten op de muur en het servies. Er hangt een fijne sfeer en de gerechten worden opgediend als schilderijtjes, zo mooi! Dit restaurant hoort bij een van de beste restaurants in Aarhus en ga je hier uiteten, dan is je avondje uit compleet.

After the cultural dose of the day it’s time for great food. We do this at Langhoff & Juul. A trendy restaurant where everything is just right. From the nice bar and all of the different tables to the writings on the wall and crockery. You find yourself in a sophisticated ambiance and the food is served as pretty paintings, so beautiful! This restaurant belongs to one of the best restaurants in Aarhus and if go out to eat here, then your night out is complete.

Day 2 >> 48 hours in Aarhus Travel Guide

On day 2 of our 48 hours in Aarhus we rented some bikes after our breakfast at F-Høj and continued our way to the Moesgaard Museum. This museum is located in the forests of Aarhus and the takes you an adventure. You cycle from the city of Aarhus along the coast towards the forest where you can even spot deers with a bit of luck. Cycling on hilly trails through the wilderness, I love it!

48 uur in aarhus

After your adventurous ride you suddenly see the Moesgaard Museum popping up from the forest. This museum tells the story of the Vikings, did you know that they were the founders of Aarhus? The combination of the bike tour and the exhibits in the museum will automatically bring you a experience to remember.

Next is destination 2: Aarhus Ø. This is the newest district of Aarhus and is notable for its unusual architecture. From the Moesgaard Museum, you follow the coastline towards the beautiful contrast over old industrial buildings. Because yes, a contrast it is. Against the decor of gray industrial buildings you automatically see the modern white flats in the form of an ice berg popping up.

48 uur in aarhus

Natuurlijk sluiten we dag af met een heerlijk etentje. Dat doen we bij Cafe Drudenfuss, een gezellig eetcafé in een net gezellig straatje. Overdag is dit een gezellige spot voor koffie en lunch (de taerten is er heerlijk), ‘s avonds kun je hier aanschuiven voor eten zonder al te veel poespas. Wil je blijven hangen voor een borrel? Ook dat kan hier makkelijk!

Of course, we end our day with a delicious dinner. We go to Cafe Drudenfussa cozy bar in a very cozy street. During the day this is a nice spot for coffee and lunch (the taerten is delicious!), in the evening you can sit here for good food without too much fuss. Do you want to linger for a drink? That’s possible as well!

Have fun planning your trip to Aarhus!

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