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12 x parks in Amsterdam where you are allowed to barbecue

22 August 2017

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The sun is shining and the sky is blue, time to go barbecuing in the park! It’s so lovely to go outside on a sunny summer day and sit down in the park with friends. All together on a blanket with some wine, waiting for the (vegetarian) burgers that are on the BBQ. Sadly you can’t barbecue in all parks in Amsterdam. But to make it a bit easier for you, we made a list with the nicest parks where you are allowed to barbecue in Amsterdam. What’s your favourite BBQ spot?

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12 x parks where you are allowed to barbecue in amsterdam

Sloterpark: In Amsterdam West you’ll find the Sloterpark, where you can just come with your BBQ and enjoy those long summer nights. Something else that I love about this park is that it’s next to the water, so bring your swimwear!

Het Amsterdamse Bos: A beautiful big park is the Amsterdamse Bos. Bring your BBQ (sit 50 meters away from the edge of the woods so there won’t be any fires) and enjoy the nature Amsterdam has to offer.

Stadspark Osdorp: Do you live close to Osdorp and do you feel like barbecuing in a park with some friends? Go to Stadspark Osdorp. It might not be the first park you’d think of, but it is a fun place to go to!

Piet Wiedijkpark: To busy at the Sloterpark? Take your BBQ to the Piet Wiedijkpark which is close by. Ps: don’t forget to bring some wine too ;-)

Rembrandtpark: You’re allowed to barbecue where ever you want in the Rembrandtpark. No worries, the park is so big and has many nice spots. It’s also not that busy, so you can bring your music without being a burden.

Noorder-IJplas: In North, a bit further from the city center, you’ll find the Noorder-IJplas. And lucky for us, you can BBQ here. Maybe not the closest park, but it’s lovely to sit here next to the water, away from the city.

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Oosterpark: One of the best parks in Amsterdam is the Oosterpark. Sit down next to the water or sit down somewhere in the grass. Enjoy your vega dishes, music and have fun with friends. I wish it could be summer all year long…

Frankendaelpark: Too crowded in the Oosterpark? Go to the Frankendaelpark in Amsterdam East. Visit the Dappermarkt or one of the stores to score some fresh ingredients for you BBQ. You can also go to the Darwinplantsoen, very close too!

IJoever: Once you’re at the central station, you’re super close to the IJoever which is next to the EYE museum. And this is a perfect spot next to the water. Watch boats pass by, let the wind cool you down and have fun with your friends

Noorderpark: It’s a small bike ride once you leave the ferry, but you’ll love it there! In the Noorderpark you’re surrounded by green and you’re along the water. Perfect spot to relax and catch up with your friends. Fun night, check!

Theo van Goghpark: Went to Blijburg to enjoy the sun and swim for a bit? Go barbecuing with friends at the Theo van Goghpark afterwards. It’s a new park in IJburg and you’re allowed to turn on your BBQ.

W.H. Vliegenbos: When you’re here, it feels as if you’ve escaped the city. It’s so peaceful and green. There is a camping here as well, so you can plan a fun weekend getaway!

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