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7 x tips for traveling in Asia you want to know for your trip

9 June 2017

the best tips for traveling in asia for you and your friends

Traveling is one of the best things to do and the subject of the day at Yourlbb’s office. A good start is important and ensures that you (usually) don’t find yourself in unexpected situations. You will feel like a real travel-pro when you are fully prepared when traveling in Asia.

Backpackblog wrote an article with 47(!) tips for the first time backpacking. Very useful! We collected and our 7 x favorite tips for traveling in Asia. Ready for your next trip?

7 X TIPS for traveling in asia you want to know now 

1. Book your trip in the right season: for most countries in Southeast Asia, both the rain and the dry season are an option to visit. It both has it advantages and disadvantages such as a less warm temperature and more sunshine or more rain but a more beautiful nature. Find out in advance and you will not be surprised!

2. Don’t follow the touristic route: people who travel through Asia often travel the same route. This is logical and there are the several must see. But how nice is it to discover something new? Discover the real traveler within you.

3. Save money: eat dinner at the local street markets instead of eating out. This is not always recommended, but trust your feelings and enjoy the best spices and new flavors.

4. Make a connection with the locals: this gives a different dimension to your trip and you really feel that you have visited the country and learned something. Tip: look for a travel agency that also offers homestays. You won’t forget this experience soon!

5. Be flexible: don’t plan your trip without leaving space in your planning for unexpected events. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in spontaneous actions like staying a few days longer in that colorful and extremely cosy hostel.

6. Show interest in local culture: this makes traveling for yourself and the people you’re with way more interesting and you will avoid disapproving looks from the locals. Nobody wants to miss interesting experiences because the dress code wasn’t: ‘sexy dress with fipflops’.

7. Enjoy: the purpose of traveling is different for everyone but it should preferably be an unforgettable experience. So don’t focus on the number of destinations, new friends or things to do from your bucketlist. It’s about enjoying the moment and living in the moment. This is your moment! What are your travel tips for traveling in Asia?  

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