The Berghain Berlin uncovered: a night at the most famous techno club in the world

2 November 2013

All you need to know about the Berghain Berlin!

The Berghain Berlin is one of the most secretive clubs in the world… This club is located in a former power station in Friedrichshain. It’s open from Thursday to Monday 24/7 and once you’re in you can stay as long as you want. I heard stories about people staying at the Berghain Berlin the whole weekend and loosing track of time completely. If you’re into techno music one of the most common questions is “Have you been to The Berghain yet?”. Going there is all but standard. Your biggest challenges? The hour long wait and the fierce doorman.

The Berghain Berlin for newbies
Rule #1: don’t dress up!
The Berghain Berlin is not for fashionistas and pretty boys. So forget about your new clothes and put on your dirty sneakers that you didn’t clean after last summer’s festival season and wear a simple skinny and a tshirt or top. Don’t wear bright colours, luxury jewelry or look preppy… you want to blend in with the other party peeps in the line.

Rule #2: put on your poker face and skip the line
Only Berghain Berlin newbies wait in line told one of the regulars who was standing in line behind us. This club is open 24/7 and once you have a stamp you can go back whenever you want… So his advice was to skip a bit of the line. That way you don’t wait there for at least 2 hours to be rejected by the bouncer ;-). This is how he explained to rock the line… Go to the left side of the line and walk all the way to the front. When you’re about 10 meters before the fenced last part of the line you stop and without loosing your poker face step in line. Behave like you’ve done this at least a dozen times before. All the locals do it and nobody dears to say anything about it… We were standing there for a while already and well the trick worked for him ;-).


Rule #3: act nonchelant when in sight of the bouncer
Don’t act like you wonder if you get in… People get rejected all the time! And you don’t want to be send home after standing in line for so long. Just chat a bit with the people in line and act like you’re a regular at the Berghain Berlin. When the bouncer nods at you just raise your hand and let him know home many people are in your party. Try to hide your big smile when you do get in.

Rule #4: don’t bring your camera…
It’s not allowed to take photos in the Berghain Berlin. You can bring your smartphone now, but cameras are not allowed. My Samsung Galaxy s4zoom was not allowed inside… On google there are quite few pictures though ;-).


Rule #5: leave your fear of germs at home
This place is open 24/7 and realise that if you fo there on Saturday people are there for days in a row partying. The Berghain Berlin is rough and dirty with many small rooms of which you don’t want to know what’s happening there. People are everywhere and it’s a maze of narrow spaces connected to each other.


Rule #6: make sure you had enough rest to stay a while
Once at the Berghain Berlin it’s easy to loose track of time… the whole place is dark and the techno is at a high all the time. You really don’t know if it’s 2 am or 10 am, new fresh people get in all the time. Those who are fucked up take a nap at one of the lounges.

Rule #7: enjoy!
Make your night at the Berghain Berlin the best clubbing experience you ever had. And please be careful with all the chemicals there and stick to a beer ;-).

It was a big surprise to find out about the pictures on my mobile the next day… But looks quite cool right!

Have you been to the Berghain before? Did you like it?

Berghain Berlin

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
Neighbourhood: Berlin Friedrichshain
Price level: moderate
Perfect for: if you like techno music you shouild go here at least once!


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