Switzerland cheese raclette and cheese fondue


The Switzerland diaries – part 6 – Swiss cheese loving with raclette and cheese fondue.

27 December 2012

This blogpost from Switzerland is for cheese lovers!

Switzerland & cheese: a love story!

There are two dishes that make me think of Switzerland instantly: raclette and cheese fondue. The most delicious cheese from the Alps as the main ingredient combined with just some bread or potato and pickled onion. I love it: pure and cheesy. I think the most of you know cheese fondue, raclette literally means scrape cheese. I warn you, these are no light recipes from Switzerland ;-).

Raclette recipe for a traditional Swiss dish at home:

When making raclette at home I always use a recipe from the foodnetwork.com:

– 1 large wedge raclette (about 1 pound)
– 1 dozen cooked small new potatoes, unpeeled
– Assorted pickled garnishes: cornichons, pickled onions, caper berries
– 1/2 pound sliced Black Forest ham
– Sliced ripe tomatoes

Have a knife ready and small plates to serve. Arrange potatoes, pickles, onions, caper berries, ham, and tomatoes on a serving platter. Place cheese on a clean stone or a heatproof board or tile as close to the fire as possible. As the top of the cheese melts, scrape off cheese onto potatoes and accompany with garnishes. It takes some time between servings for the cheese to continue to melt, so have some wine or bubbly handy to keep guests happy.

Cheese fondue recipe from my favourite recipe website:

This is another classic Swiss recipe from the BBC food website. Best with a whole bread or Turkish bread.

– 1 clove garlic, halved
– 290ml/½ pint white wine
– 1 tsp lemon juice
– 225g/8oz emmental cheese grated
– 225g/8oz gruyëre cheese grated
– 1 tsp cornflour
– 1 tbsp kirsch (optional)
– cubed bread pieces, for dipping

Rub the inside of the fondue pot with the halves of garlic. Add the wine and lemon juice to the pot and heat until boiling. Lower the heat and gradually stir in the cheeses until melted, stirring all the time. If using kirsch, blend with the cornflour, otherwise use water. Add to the cheese mixture and cook gently until the mixture is smooth – don’t let it boil or it will burn. Using the fondue prongs, dip the bread cubes into the cheese and serve.

PS: websites from TV food programmes are filled with the most delicious recipes, I use the websites of foodnetwork.com and BBC Food a lot!

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Photo credit: raclette and cheese fondue are not the most photogenic dishes… so I used some pictures from the web: the raclette photo via smulweb.nl and the cheese fondue photo via Pinterest.

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