12 X leuk om te doen in Saas Fee


12 X things to do in Saas-Fee (Switzerland) on your next holiday

23 February 2022

things to do in saas-fee besides skiing!

Recently, I went for a long weekend of skiing in the beautiful ski area Saas-Fee, Wallis, in Switzerland. The area is surrounded by mountains that are over 4.000 metres high and when your on the ski slopes, you immediately get why this area is so popular. I’ve lined up my best tips for this ski area in the Saas-Fee Travel Guide and in this blog I’ll line up 12 things to do when you’re in Saas-Fee. If the sunny weather has an off day or if you don’t feel like going skiing you’ll definitely won’t have to get bored in Saas-Fee, Wallis!


12 X fun to do in saas-fee (switzerland)

Skiing or snowboarding: This is a bit of a given, because obivously the most important reason that you’re going to Saas-Fee is the wintersports. And you can do that here for sure, among the mountains of 4.000 metres high! Skiing is possible in Saas-Fee from November to April, because you can also ski on the Fee glacier. There is over 150 km of ski slopes and some slopes are over 3.600 high!

Go for a forest walk: You can have beautiful forest walks from Saas-Fee in Wallis. It’s the ultimate feeling of Wanderlust if you ask me. From the centre of the town you can walk down a beautiful path that eventually leads to Waldhotel Fletschhorn. If the weather’s nice you can have a drink there on the terrace. And if you really want to pamper yourself, then stay for lunch in the restaurant that’s been awarded with a Michelin starTip: You can also spend the night here. In that case, ask for the special offer that includes a ski pass and a 6 course dinner!
Insert on your navigation: Wildistrasse 64, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland (Waldhotel Fletschhorn)

Saas-Fee wandeling

© Saas-fee.ch

Wellness bij Aqua Allalin: Is it a cloudy day or if the wind blowing so hard, that the lifts are closed? Then go for a day of wellnes at Aqua Allalin in the centre of Saas-Fee. This wellness is located in the Wellness hostel 4000 in Saas-Fee (definitely recommended for when you want to go to Saas-Fee, but your budget doesn’t allow you to stay in the beautiful 5-star hotel The Capra). Relax in the sauna and in the hottub, while enjoying a view of the mountains and you’ll find yourself completely at ease!
Panoramastrasse 1, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Aqua Allalin Saas-Fee

© Aqua Allalin

Revolving restaurant + ICE pavillion: In Saas-Fee you can have a coffee or lunch at the highest revolving restaurant in the world. Or you can stop by the recently completely renovated ICE Pavillion where you can experience what a glacier looks like from the inside. You’ll find this Ice Grotto in the Fee glacier. You can even get married in this ice cave!

© Saas-Fee.ch

Take a cooking class: At hotel The Capra and hotel Fletschhorn* in Saas-Fee you can participate in a cooking class. The Chefs will tell you everything about the regional products and afterwards you’ll get to eat your selfmade dinner.

Après Ski at Popcorn: If you ask an adolescent in Saas-Fee what the best spot is to go out, no doubt the answer will be “the Popcorn”. This is a hotel, store, bar and club all in one. They mostly play house music and according to my guide Andreas, it’s the most sophisticated club in Saas-Fee that’s popular among the thirty-somethings. Go here for cocktails and for a dance!
Obere Dorfstrasse 6, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

© Popcorn

Daytour to Brig: If you take the Postbus 511 from Saas-Fee, it’ll take about an hour to get to the small town Brig. Around Christmastime they have a cosy Christmas market here with several stands on the plaza. Stroll around through the narrow alleys and behold the Stockalperschloss even before you stop for a drink at one of the bars. Order a “Wallis teller” with charcuterie and cheese, from the region. Very tasty!

Brig Zwitserland

Take the Metro Alpin: In Saas-Fee you can go for a ride on the highest metro in the world! This metro has been open since 1984 and it connects the Felskinn (2.980 metres) to the Fee glacier and the Mittelallalin (3.456 metres). You have an amazing view of the Allalinhorn from the jumping-off place of the Metro Alpin.

Metro Alpin Saas-Fee

© Saas-fee.ch

Winetasting at The Capra Hotel: Did you know that the highest vineyard of whole Europe is in Wallis? When you take the Postbus from Brig or Visp to the car-free village Saas-Fee you’ll cross several vineyards that are situated against a mountain. At “The Capra Hotel” you can participate in a winetasting that will take you along a journey throuh several vineyards in Wallis. I personally liked the grape Heida the most! Would you like to have some Swiss wine at a cheese fondue back home? Take some bottles with you from Saas-Fee, because the production of the wines is so little here that they don’t export them a lot. So, a great souvenir!
Lomattenstrasse 6, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

wine tasting The Capra Saas-Fee

© The Capra

Daytour to Milaan: Did you know that from Saas-Fee it is “only” 3 hours to Milan? Take the Postbus 511 to Visp and from thereon the train straight to Milan. Perhaps nice to combine a ski trip in Wallis with a citytrip to Milan and go for some shopping in this fashion city on the way back!

Score the perfect cheese fondue pan: Are you just as a fan of cheese fondue like I am? In that case you definitely will want to stop bij Cabane du Fromage. This store sells cheese fondue pans, cheese fondue pans and even more cheese fondue pans. Get some packages of cheese fondue at Coop or Pam and a bottle of wine from Wallis, and you can reminisce about your trip to Saas-Fee back home!
Bielmattstrasse 9, Saas-Fee, Switzerland 

Kaasfondue bij Zur Schäferstube: Of course you’ll want to have some cheese fondue during your skitrip to Saas-Fee. Then go to the beautifully situated restaurant Zur Schäferstube, on the outskirts of the village. This chalet used to be the residence of shepherd Freggie and you come here for the cheese fondue, made of cheese from Wallis. If the weather allows it, the terrace is nice for an aperitif at the end of the afternoon! Make sure to order the “Shepherds dish”, a plate of cheese with a glass of Heida wine.
Obere G. 32, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Saas-Fee Travel Guide


Saas-Fee Travel Tips

  • This is how you get there:
    ► From Amsterdam you fly to Zürich in a mere couple of hours with SWISS. Zürich is a very nice city, so in case you have some time left you stay there for an extra night I would definitely recommend that! Tip: during a stop-over, stay in the trendy 25Hours hotel.
    ►The Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel through the whole of Switzerland by train, boat and bus. The train ride to Brig or Visp takes about 2 hours from Zürich. Then from Brig or Visp you proceed to take the Bus 511 to Saas-Fee. Warning: the village of Saas-Fee in Wallis is car-free so make sure that you get picked up at the busstation by your hotel with an electric taxi.
  • Yourlbb approved hotels:
    Luxury:  I stayed in the beautiful hotel The Capra during my stay in Saas-Fee. A luxurious 5-star hotel with a lovely wellness and an exquisite restaurant. During your stay you’ll lack absolutely nothing! The cheapest room during low season is about € 300,-.
    Budget: Saas-Fee is most definitely not a LOWbudget destination. But in the village you can absolutely create a price ranking of the several accomodations, from budget to luxury. You can stay at the Wellness Hostel 4000 for approximately € 150,- during low season. The lovely spa Aqua Allalin is also situated in this hotel.

Tip: looking for more information on Saas-Fee? Take a look at the websites Saas-fee.ch or Myswitzerland.com!

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