13 X best restaurants in Saas-Fee (Switzerland)

14 March 2017

you’ll want to have dinner at these restaurants in saas-fee

Foodies couldn’t be happier in Saas-Fee in Switzerland! Not only is the ski area beautiful, but you can also have amazing meals there. Don’t expect much fine dining like in Zermatt, but a nice mix of renowned Chefs and authentic Swiss Alp kücheWhether you’re looking for a fancy dinner that contains a tasting menu by a Michelin-star Chef or you’d rather have raclette or cheesefondue; Saas-Fee has what you’re looking for!

During my last trip to Wallis I’ve been to so many good restaurants while skiing. Reservations are recommended during high season if you want to have dinner with a larger group. Want to taste some typical Swiss dishes? Consider raclette, cheesefondue made with cheese from the region, rösti, käseschnitte and meat dishes from local venison. For a drink after skiing a Walliser teller with charcuterie and cheese would be my recommendation.

In this blog I’ve put together the best restaurants in Saas-Fee for you. Have lots of foodiefun during your skitrip!

Tip: Most good restaurants, like Fletschhorn and The Capra, can pick you up at your chalet or hotel with their electric taxis.

The Capra Saas Fee

© La Locanda by Oliver Glowig

the best restaurants in Saas-Fee in switzerland

La Locanda / The Capra: In the beautifful 5-star hotel The Capra you’ll find restaurant La Locanda. This Italian oriented menu with a Swiss touch has been put together by Chef Oliver Glowig, who has been rewarderd with two Michelin stars. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and the 6 course menu by the Chef is a recommendation. They serve a ‘Tradition’ and an ‘Innovation’ tasting menu. This means you get a selection of dishes made with local ingredients. Tip: There’s also a Chef’s table that you can reserve!
Lomattenstrasse 6, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

La Locanda Saas-Fee

La Locanda

Zur Mühle: You most certainly can’t leave Saas-Fee without having typical Swiss food even once. The typical Swiss food from Wallis, to be exact! In that case Zur Mühle is the right place. The specialty of the house is rösti, but I had a delicious schnitzel with fries. At the end of the afternoon the terrace gets filled with people who want to have a drink during the après ski.
Dorfstrasse, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

CofFee: The place to go in Saas-Fee to enjoy the best coffee in town. They serve Italian coffee that’s being made by skilled baristas. It’s the first coffeebar in Saas-Fee and if the weather’s no good you can enjoy your coffee here together with a magazine!
Obere Dorfstrasse 38, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

Fletschhorn:  Just getting there alone is a lot of fun. A narrow path through the woods, on the outskirts of Saas-Fee, will bring you to the Waldhotel Fletschorn. This restaurants has a Michelin-star and Chef Markus Neff serves a daily tasting menu and dishes à la carte. Also nice: you can take a cooking class here!
Wildistrasse 64, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

Fletschhorn Saas-Fee


Gletschergrotte: On several spots in Saas-Fee you can find ‘hutes’ on the ski slopes where you can have a drink or a nice lunch while skiing. This mountain hut is about halfway down the descent if you took the ‘Spielboden’ lift.
Neem het smalle pad links aan de rand van Piste 4a

La Ferme: While the name might make you believe you’re dealing with a French restaurant here, don’t be fooled. The restaurant is located at a notable and very central place in the village and serves regional Walliser specialties.
Obere Dorfstrasse 30, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

La Ferme Saas-Fee

La Ferme

Chämi Stuba: Sometimes you just feel like a quick bite after a day of skiing, so you can quickly lay by the fireplace with a nice book. Fancy a pizza in Saas-Fee? In that case you have to go to Chämi Stuba. According to the locals, they serve the best brick kiln pizzas in Saas-Fee here!
Dorfstrasse 21, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

Tea Room Sporting: In the mood for a tasty cake? Bakery Sporting is the place to be in Saas-Fee. Personally, I can’t resist a carrot cake or himbeerschnitte every once in a while. Also nice to take home to the appartment or to have with coffee!
3906 Saas-Fee

Zur Schäferstube: If you feel like some good meat dishes and the best cheesefondue of Saas-Fee, you’d have to go to the beautifully situated restaurant Zur Schäferstube, on the outskirts of the village. This chalet used to be the residential building of shepherd Freggie and it’s the place to be for the cheesefondue with cheese from Wallis. If the weather’s nice the terrace is also good for an aperitif at the end of the afternoon! Make sure to order the “Shepherds dish” which is a plate of cheese with a glass of Heida wine. Tip: Another good restaurant for cheesefondue or raclette is ! Obere G. 32, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

Saas-Fee Travel Guide


Waldhüs Bodmen: This restaurant is by the same owners as Zur Scheaferstube and also serves some very tasty cheesefondue and raclette. The menu doesn’t differ a lot except that restaurant Waldhüs Bodmen serves steak of a deer as their specialty of the menu.
Panoramastrasse 42, Saas-Fee, Zwitserland

3 X tips from the michelin-guide

Unfortunately, during my long weekend in Saas-Fee I didn’t have time to personally try all the restaurants, but there are still a couple on my list that earned a Bib Gourmand mention in the 2017 Michelin-guide. If you happen to stay a bit longer in Saas-Fee you’d perhaps like to try these tips!


Saas-Fee Travel Guide

Saas-Fee Travel Tips

  • This is how you get there:
    ► From Amsterdam you fly to Zürich in a mere couple of hours with SWISS. Zürich is a very nice city, so in case you have some time left you stay there for an extra night I would definitely recommend that! Tip: during a stop-over, stay in the trendy 25Hours hotel.
    ►The Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel through the whole of Switzerland by train, boat and bus. The train ride to Brig or Visp takes about 2 hours from Zürich. Then from Brig or Visp you proceed to take the Bus 511 to Saas-Fee. Warning: the village of Saas-Fee in Wallis is car-free so make sure that you get picked up at the busstation by your hotel with an electric taxi.
  • Yourlbb approved hotels:
    Luxury:  I stayed in the beautiful hotel The Capra during my stay in Saas-Fee. A luxurious 5-star hotel with a lovely wellness and an exquisite restaurant. During your stay you’ll lack absolutely nothing! The cheapest room during low season is about € 300,-.
    Budget: Saas-Fee is most definitely not a LOWbudget destination. But in the village you can absolutely create a price ranking of the several accomodations, from budget to luxury. You can stay at the Wellness Hostel 4000 for approximately € 150,- during low season. The lovely spa Aqua Allalin is also situated in this hotel.

Tip: looking for more information on Saas-Fee? Take a look at the websites Saas-fee.ch or Myswitzerland.com!

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