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Saas-Fee Travel Guide (Switzerland): 56 tips from restaurants to hotels

8 January 2018

the ultimate saas-fee travel guide for wintersports

As long as I can remember I’ve been going to Switzerland to go skiing. Recently I’ve spent a long weekend in Wallis to put together this Saas-Fee Travel Guide and I have to say, this authentic ski-village definitely conquered a place in my heart. Saas-Fee is known as a luxurious ski-resort, but it’s certainly not a village that’s all about appearances. It actually feels really authentic and cosy when you make your way through the town to the skilifts.

Saas-Fee has everything you could possibly wish for during a ski vacation. From your chalet or hotel you’re in the lift with you skis in no time, right on your way to the mountain tops that are over 4.000 metres high. It’s an impressing view every single day! If you’re a fan of some luxury you came here to the right address. You can have amazing food in Saas-Fee and there are accommodations like The Capra***** where you can pamper yourself after a day on the ski slope. In this Saas-Fee Travel Guide I’ve collected over 56 tips for everyone who would like to go skiing in this popular area. Have fun!

Saas-Fee Swiss


about saas-fee in switzerland

Saas-Fee is situated in the Saas Valley and is surrounded by 18 mountaintops that are over 4.000 metres high, among which is the highest mountain of Switzerland, the “Dom” that is 4.545 metres high. Believe me when I say that it is truly impressing when you open the curtains of your hotelroom in the morning and you see yourself surrounded by these mountains!

If you want to go to Saas-Fee by plane, the best thing to do is book a ticket to Genève, Zürich, Basel of Milan. Direct connections to Brig or Visp leave several times a day (mostly every hour) from these cities.

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Saas-Fee Travel Guide

Best hotels // Saas-Fee Travel Guide

One of the best things or a ski vacation for me is waking up with a view of the Alps. Having a first coffee in the sun on your balcony if the weather’s good, while enjoying the view of the ski slopes and the tight blue air. LOVE IT! Are you looking for a nice hotel in Saas-Fee? In that case I have two tips for you in this Saas-Fee Travel Guide, where you’ll have a lovely time for sure.

Wellness Hostel 4000 (budget): Saas-Fee is most definitely not a LOWbudget destination. But in the village you can absolutely create a price ranking of the several accomodations, from budget to luxury. You can stay at the Wellness Hostel 4000 for approximately € 150,- during low season. The lovely spa Aqua Allalin is also situated in this hotel.

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The Capra (luxury): I stayed in the beautiful hotel The Capra during my stay in Saas-Fee. A luxurious 5-star hotel with a lovely wellness and an exquisite restaurant. During your stay you’ll lack absolutely nothing! The cheapest room during low season is about € 300,-. Read the elaborate blog of The Capra here!

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The Capra Saas-Fee

The Capra

The Capra Saas-Fee

The Capra SPA

13 x the best restaurants in saas-fee

No shortage of good restaurants in Saas-Fee! In the village there are several nice restaurants situated where you can have a lovely meal. From authentic Alp cuisine to pizza, and food on a Michelin-star level. During my stay I’ve tested quite a few for you!

Zur Mühle: You most certainly can’t leave Saas-Fee without having typical Swiss food even once. The typical Swiss food from Wallis, to be exact! In that case Zur Mühle is the right place. The specialty of the house is rösti, but I had a delicious schnitzel with fries. At the end of the afternoon the terrace gets filled with people who want to have a drink as an après ski.
Dorfstrasse, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Fletschhorn: Just getting there alone is a lot of fun. A narrow path through the woods, on the outskirts of Saas-Fee, will bring you to the Waldhotel Fletschorn. This restaurants has a Michelin-star and Chef Markus Neff serves a daily tasting menu and dishes à la carte. Also nice: you can take a cooking class here!
Wildistrasse 64, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Fletschhorn Saas-Fee


La Locanda / The Capra: In the beautifful 5-star hotel The Capra you’ll find restaurant La Locanda. This Italian oriented menu with a Swiss touch has been put together by Chef Oliver Glowig, who has been rewarderd by two Michelin stars. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and the 6 course menu by the Chef is a recommendation. They serve a ‘Tradition’ and an ‘Innovation’ tasting menu. This means you get a selection of dishes made with local ingredients. Tip: There’s also a Chef’s table that you can reserve!
Lomattenstrasse 6, Saas-Fee, Switzerland


The Capra Saas-Fee

looking for an après-ski spot in Saas-Fee? 5 tips

Who still has some energy left after a day of skiing in Saas-Fee can dance and drink the night away in one of the bars. Which bars you definitely can’t miss? You’ll read it in this Saas-Fee Travel Guide!

Black Bull Snowbar: The Black Bull is an understanding in Saas-Fee and it just might be the most popular après ski bar in this village. The bar is located across Glacier Sport and is one of the first bars you see when you come back into town after a day on the ski slopes.

Nesti’s Ski Bar: This après ski bar is launched by a former pro skier. A classic après ski bar with all the trimmings. That includes music and shots.

Poison: It may look a little gothic from the outside, but however according to our guide it’s a nice place to hang after skiing.

Zur Mühle: Are you in for a drink close to the slopes, but not among a partying crowd? Go relax on the terrace at Zur Mühle for a little afternoon sun and a stange!

Popcorn Bar & Club: Fancy a night out on the town in Saas-Fee? For cocktails and house music, you go to Popcorn!

© Popcorn

Shopping // Saas-Fee Travel Guide

Don’t expect shops in Saas-Fee like you see in Zermatt. You can however get skiing attributes and well-known Swiss souvenirs.

Popcorn shop: If you ask me, Popcorn is the most trendy store of the village. You can find ski clothing by well-known brands like Roxy here. In case you’ve forgot to pack something in your suitcase you can definitely buy it here!
Obere Dorfstrasse 6, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Cabane du Fromage: Are you just as a fan of cheese fondue like I am? In that case you definitely will want to stop bij Cabane du Fromage. This store sells cheese fondue pans, cheese fondue pans and even more cheese fondue pans. Get some packages of cheese fondue at Coop or Pam and a bottle of wine from Wallis, and you can reminisce about your trip to Saas-Fee back home!
Bielmattstrasse 9, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

12 x fun to do // Saas-Fee Travel Guide

Of course, skiing or snowboarding is the most important reason that you’re going to Saas-Fee! But even if you don’t feel like skiing for a day, the town has lots of nice things to offer. In this Saas-Fee Travel Guide I’ll give you 12 tips on what to do in Saas-Fee. Very convenient for when the weather’s not good to go skiing or if you want to do something completely different!

Go for a forest walk: You can have beautiful forest walks from Saas-Fee in Wallis. It’s the ultimate feeling of Wanderlust if you ask me. From the centre of the town you can walk down a beautiful path that eventually leads to Waldhotel Fletschhorn. If the weather’s nice you can have a drink there on the terrace. And if you really want to pamper yourself, then stay for lunch in the restaurant that’s been awarded with a Michelin starTip: You can also spend the night here. In that case, ask for the special offer that includes a ski pass and a 6 course dinner!
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Wellness bij Aqua Allalin: Is it a cloudy day or if the wind blowing so hard, that the lifts are closed? Then go for a day of wellnes at Aqua Allalin in the centre of Saas-Fee. This wellness is located in the Wellness hostel 4000 in Saas-Fee (definitely recommended for when you want to go to Saas-Fee, but your budget doesn’t allow you to stay in the beautiful 5-star hotel The Capra). Relax in the sauna and in the hottub, while enjoying a view of the mountains and you’ll find yourself completely at ease!
Panoramastrasse 1, Saas-Fee, Switzerland


Aqua Allalin Saas-Fee

© Aqua Allalin

Saas-Fee Travel Tips // wallis switzerland

This is how you get there:
► From Amsterdam you fly to Zürich in a mere couple of hours with SWISS. Zürich is a very nice city, so in case you have some time left you stay there for an extra night I would definitely recommend that! Tip: during a stop-over, stay in the trendy 25Hours hotel.
►The Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel through the whole of Switzerland by train, boat and bus. The train ride to Brig or Visp takes about 2 hours from Zürich. Then from Brig or Visp you proceed to take the Bus 511 to Saas-Fee. Warning: the village of Saas-Fee in Wallis is car-free so make sure that you get picked up at the busstation by your hotel with an electric taxi.

Tip: looking for more information on Saas-Fee? Take a look at the websites or!

Saas-Fee Travel Guide

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