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13 x places with the best spareribs in Amsterdam

6 March 2020
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Spareribs in Amsterdam that are finger licking good

Who thinks that this list of the best spareribs in Amsterdam was written just for men, is wrong! For many women, spareribs are a guilty pleasure. Fortunately, there are several places in Amsterdam that serve delicious ribs. From real meat restaurants to pubs. And from tough men spots to fancy restaurants. Read this blog with our 13 favourite places for spareribs in Amsterdam!

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Cannibale Royale Amsterdam

Cannibale Royale

For meat lovers, Cannibale Royale must be familiar. Here you go for burgers, ribs, steaks and other delicious meat dishes. And especially for these spareribs we stop by very often. Cannibale itself is also a fan, because on the menu they call it “Cannibale’s Favourite Ribs”. Slow roasted and glazed in a sweet marinade. We like!
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BAR-becue Castell

Most of the time we stay far away from touristic Leidseplein. But for a visit to Castell we will make an exception. This barbecue restaurant namely serves some great spareribs. And good to know: the restaurant has tables for 8 to 12 people so go here with all your friends!
Lijnbaansgracht 252-254, Amsterdam,

Venus & Adonis Amsterdam

Venus & Adonis

Ever since the opening of bar and grill Venus & Adonis I am a fan of this restaurant. Because it is beautifully decorated (classic with a modern touch) but also because you can eat very well here. You can order their ribs, cooked on the charcoal grill, as a starter. But if it is up to me, I’d order some portions and enjoy ribs all night long.
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Cafe Snappers on the Reguliers is all about comfort food and of course you’ll also find spareribs on the menu. The spare ribs are super soft and juicy; exactly the way you want them. You get a big portion and make sure not so share with anyone. You want them all for yourself. Oh and do not forget to order a tequila cocktail on the side!
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Braai AmsterdamPhotocredits: Jasper de Waal


Braai is a barbecue bar where you can eat affordable and very tasty dishes. The menu offers the most delicious barbecue dishes and ribs, which you should really try! The half or full rack is slowly cooked on the charcoal grill and comes with a delicious barbecue sauce.
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Graceland Bar-B-Q

Graceland is the restaurant of De Marktkantine; an authentic American barbecue restaurant with food, drinks and music. Here they serve American low and slow barbecue dishes served with homemade sides and sauces. Expect real American classics and the American ribs are delicious!
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Julius Bar & Grill AmsterdamPhotocredits:

Julius Bar & Grill

At the Ceintuurbaan you will find barbecue spot Julius Bar & Grill. Founder Anne tried the ribs here and recommends everyone to try. The meat is so tender that it almost falls off the bone! Served with a delicious barbecue sauce.
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Café de Klos

Tipped by friends: Café de Klos! Here you go if you are a fan of real Amsterdam pubs. And if I believe the stories, the ribs are to die for overhere. So although we still have to try it for ourself, this location is already on our best ribs in Amsterdam list!
Kerkstraat 41 – 43, Amsterdam, no website

Morgan & Mees Amsterdam

Morgan & Mees

Morgan & Mees is a hotel whit restaurant in Amsterdam where I like to go to in the weekend for a bite and a drink. But did you know, they also have spareribs on the menu? Roasted ribs with soy sauce, apple syrup, sesame and spring onion. YUM!
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Cafe Maxwell

The Beukenplein is one of the nicest squares in Amsterdam East don’t you think? Here you will find the small and oh so cozy eatery Maxwell. With on the menu “Maxwell Ribs” served with garlic sauce (and a salad + fries when you order the ribs as a main course). This dish is the secret of the chef and we totally understand why. Go try it for yourself!
Beukenplein 27, Amsterdam,

Cafe Carbon Amsterdam


Who likes meat has surely been to Cafe Carbon at De Pijp. An old pub slash steakhouse. I always like to order a plate to share, with all kinds of meat. And yes: this includes spareribs. But you can also order a dish with only ribs and some side dishes like a salad, baked potato or fries.
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Editor Lise told us that we really have to eat spareribs at Hut! An eatery on Olympiaplein. On the menu marinated spareribs (secret recipe), served with three sauces. But you can also go for the Mexican ribs: deliciously spicy!
Olympiaplein 132, Amsterdam,


Cafe Par Hasard

We all know this is the place to eat homemade fries. And organic frikandel. But also for spareribs you must be at Par Hasard in De Pijp! Extra fun: on Mondays you can eat ribs and fries for only €10! You know where you’ll find me the first day of the week ;-)
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So, I you ask us these are the best places for spareribs in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

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