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17 X our favourite hotspots in Copenhagen: discover the best places to go

18 June 2024

Looking for the best hotspots in Copenhagen? We have good news because our seasoned Copenhagen expert Emma (she’s been there about ten times) shares the most unique restaurants, hotels, shops, and other must-sees in the Danish capital. In addition to beautiful Danish design, Copenhagen has more to offer: amazing bars, excellent restaurants (another thing the city is known for), and other hotspots that will make your heart beat faster.

17 X hotspots in Copenhagen that are worth a visit

Copenhagen is an ideal destination for your next city trip: it’s not far to fly, the average hotel is beautiful (Scandinavians have great taste), the locals are amiable, and there’s a relaxed atmosphere. Those who love Amsterdam will quickly feel at home in the Danish capital. The biggest difference? Despite the many impressions, you’ll leave feeling refreshed. Danes have a certain calmness about them that you might not find in Dutch cities. They keep cool and naturally embrace a good dose of ‘hygge.’

Copenhagen is also a great destination to visit with children because the city center is relatively small, there’s a lot to see, and several kid-friendly museums to explore. It’s time to delve into the details: these are the 17 hotspots in Copenhagen that you shouldn’t miss!

Villa Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen is a true landmark in Denmark and beyond. We dare to say that this is the most beautiful hotel in Copenhagen, even. Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice the grand foyer where you’re warmly welcomed. The rooms at Villa Copenhagen range from compact to suite and are equipped with all the amenities you need – including Danish design, but with a warm feeling. Last but not least, you’ll want to stay at this hotel just for its amazing rooftop terrace with a swimming pool.
Tietgensgade 35-39, Copenhagen,

Gasoline Grill

Gasoline Grill, a famous Danish burger chain, is more than your average fast-food service. Their burgers are renowned throughout the country. This place offers a variety of burgers made from organic meat, each prepared with fresh ingredients. The restaurants have a simple interior design with a dark green logo and matching accents. Some locations are pick-up only, but on a warm summer evening, there’s nothing better than enjoying a burger in the park among the locals. If you’re a burger lover, Gasoline Grill is an absolute must-visit.
Negen locaties verspreid door de stad,

hotspots in kopenhagen

© Gasoline Grill, @gasolinegrill


If you want to take a more upscale approach than just a burger on the go, high-end restaurant Esmée is the answer. Many Scandinavian influencers love this place, and you’ll need to make an effort to get a reservation. Before planning your trip, you should submit an online reservation request with a brief motivation. Not long after, you should (hopefully!) receive your reservation confirmation. It may sound a bit pretentious, but it’s worth it. Once inside, you’ll enjoy the modern French cuisine. If your budget allows (Esmée is expensive), explore the extensive cocktail menu or tell the bartender what you like, and you’ll be amazed.
Kongens Nytorv 8, Copenhagen,


Authentic Italian cuisine in Denmark? It exists! You can savor refined and authentic Italian cuisine at one of the finest hotspots in Copenhagen, Undici. The setting is intimate and by the water, making you feel like you’re truly in Italy during the summer. However, the service reveals that you’re in the Danish capital. They are young, trendy, and have a sense of nonchalance that even the Italians might envy.
Wilders Pl. 9b, Copenhagen,

hotspots in kopenhagen

© Undici, @undici_cph


In addition to breathtaking restaurants and hotels, Copenhagen’s hotspots extend further to include numerous shops and concept stores that you shouldn’t miss. Storm is one of them. Their offerings range from design objects to fashion and art. Even just window shopping is worth it because when you see the well-dressed clientele, the staff, and the extensive collection of designer fashion and modern art, you’ll undoubtedly leave feeling inspired.
Store Regnegade 1, Copenhagen,

More Hotspots in Copenhagen

Frama Studio Store

You’ll find even more Scandinavian design and interior inspiration at Frama, one of our favorite stores in Copenhagen. Frama may be expensive, but it offers all the interior inspiration your heart desires. From sculptural chairs to minimalist lamps and beautiful colors, after a visit to this store and showroom, you’ll undoubtedly want to rethink your interior.
Fredericiagade 57, Copenhagen,

hotpots in kopenhagen

© Frama Copenhagen Studio and Store, @framacph

Louisiana Museum for Modern Art

Outside Copenhagen, you’ll find a must-visit museum: the Louisiana Museum for Modern Art. From the central station in Copenhagen, you can take the train along the north coast of Denmark to reach the museum, which is located in a tiny coastal town. The museum is spacious, surrounded by an extensive sculpture garden with a sea view. The museum is best described as a mix between the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. It’s an absolute must-visit if you’re in Copenhagen because this place offers a unique experience and brings you closer to the real Denmark. The museum has a separate area for children to unleash their creativity.
Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk,

Studio x Kitchen

Studio x Kitchen is a cozy gathering place for anyone who enjoys slowing down. It’s a bright space with minimalist decor with a Japanese influence. The dishes are original and equally minimalist without compromising on taste. The scrambled eggs with focaccia have become a revered classic, but the salads, pastries (perfect for the kids!), and yogurt with granola are also a delight for the taste buds.
Dronningens Tværgade 52, Copenhagen,

hotspots in kopenhagen

© Studio x Kitchen, @studioxkitchen

Time’s Up Vintage

Time’s Up Vintage is the place to be for a well-curated selection of vintage designer fashion. It’s a small shop in a basement, and you might almost walk past it. However, it’s worth stopping by because the owner acquires new pieces weekly. You’ll find Chanel, Versace, Saint Laurent, Dior, and some lesser-known fashion houses that rival the big players. The owner is friendly and happy to assist you in your search for an undiscovered gem.
Krystalgade 4, Copenhagen,

Rosy Vintage

While Time’s Up Vintage offers a cacophony of colors, Rosy Vintage is more of an oasis of calm. However, it still provides second-hand designer fashion and more affordable items. Without a doubt, it is one of our favorite hotspots in Copenhagen.
Vesterbrogade 36, Copenhagen,

hotspots in kopenhagen

© Rosy VIntage, @rosyvintage_cph

La Banchina

La Banchina is the ultimate spot for the free spirits of the city. This waterside restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a selection of natural wines. All the products are locally sourced, and the fish is sustainably caught. But that’s not all: at La Banchina, you can swim or rent a floating hot tub or sauna – all for yourself. Dining is available on a walk-in basis, while you can reserve a waterside hot tub or sauna through their website. It’s also suitable for children who have a swimming diploma.
Refshalevej 141, Copenhagen,

Atelier September

We’d love to spend every minute of the day at Atelier September. But, well, that’s just not possible. Copenhagen has so many worthwhile hotspots to visit, and yet, Atelier September is a resounding success time and time again. The staff is friendly and patient (because choosing from the menu can sometimes be challenging), the coffee exceeds expectations, and they serve exceptional soft-serve ice cream during summer. And we haven’t even mentioned the interior and the fantastic vibe: it’s hip and minimalist, and the place exudes a certain nonchalance. Their new location is a bit off the beaten path from the other hotspots, but it’s close to the Danish beach. It’s an ideal getaway during the summer months, indeed.
Strandvejen 134, Hellerup,

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© Atelier September, @atelierseptember

Jerome Vintage

At Jerome Vintage, you can momentarily escape to an oasis of tranquility right in the center of Copenhagen. Be aware that Jerome is a bit tucked away: it’s located on the second floor in a side street off the main shopping street, and you’ll need to ring a bell to enter. Once inside, you’ll discover a highly curated selection of top pieces from designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Saint Laurent, and Chanel.
Vestebrogade 36, Copenhagen,

hotspots in kopenhagen

© Jerome Vintage, @jerome_vintage

Apollo Bar

Apollo Bar is situated amidst all the colorful houses along the Danish canals but is surprisingly not part of the tourist attractions. This place is a delight in the summer (thanks to its enormous courtyard terrace) and even cozier in the winter, thanks to its cheerful yellow walls. The menu is best described as the ultimate brunch, featuring an extensive selection of smørrebrød (open sandwiches), eggs, unique creations, and almost all homemade or locally sourced sweets. Reservations are a must because this place is popular.
Nyhavn 2, Copenhagen,

More hotspots in copenhagen

Holly Golightly

If you’re a fan of eclectic fashion, you’ve come to the right place at the creative Holly Golightly. And even if you’re keeping a close eye on your budget, a colorful store like this is worth a visit! In addition to unique fashion, this shop offers an extensive range of interior items, home decor, and a small selection of luxury beauty products.
Borgergade 17b, Copenhagen,

hotspots in kopenhagen

© Holly Golightly, @hollygolightlydk

Ved Stranden 10

You’ll want to visit Ved Stranden 10 if you’re a wine enthusiast. This wine bar offers endless wines (also by the glass), and the staff is enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with you. Seeking their advice is a good idea, especially if you plan to purchase wine from them. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed. When you walk in, it feels like you’re joining a friend—a friend with excellent taste and an extensive wine collection.
Ved Stranden 10, Copenhagen,

Etage Projects

Etage Projects is a gallery with frequently changing exhibitions and collections. You can find modern art, interior objects, and emerging artists there. Admission is free. And if you are in the area, visit the nearby Holly Golightly (as mentioned above).
Borgergade 15E, Copenhagen,

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hotspots in kopenhagen

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