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18 x hotspots along the IJ in Amsterdam that you want to visit!

27 June 2019

come join us and visit the hotspots along the ij

During summer, where can you enjoy the sun more than at one of the hotspots along the IJ? Nowhere right? Close to the water and sunshine in your face. If you’re lucky, you might be able to anchor your boat next to the hotspot. Of else you take your bike of use the ferry! Both on the North and West side of the IJ, there are plenty of spots you can visit. Want to know the nicest hotspots along the IJ? Continue reading!

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HOTSPOTS along the IJ – WEST

Mos: not only does this spot along the water look beautiful (high healings, multiple floors and a big bar) with interior inspired by Paris and Marrakech. You can also eat dilicious French meals here!
Dok: a real summer hotspot with a sandy beach. Even though Dok is located in the center, you can completely relax here and feel as if you aren’t in the city. Feet in the sand and watching the water.
Pont 13: an old ferry transformed into a restaurant and bar. The interior is industrial and the view you have over the water is beautiful. So if you’re looking for an unique hotspot along the IJ, this is where you should go!
Meneer Nieges: close to the central station and the most delicious dishes on the menu. Especially during summer, this is where you want to be. They have a great terrace along the water.
Rem Eiland: this spot isn’t located along the IJ, but IN the IJ. If you want to have a romantic dinner, go to Rem Eiland!

hotspots along the ij

rem eiland

HOTSPOTS along the IJ – north

Pllek: a nice summer where you can enjoy the view while laying on the beach. Also during winter this is a perfect place to go to, they have a fire place. Check out Pllek’s agenda to see what kind of events they have planned!
Hangar: a restaurant built in an old hangar. The industrial vibes of Amsterdam North mixed with the South-European dishes that are on the menu. We love this place!
Stork: a trendy fishrestaurant in an old factory hall. Try the Fruit de Mer platter! They have a lovely terrace and you can anchor your boat here.
Hotel de Goudfazant: one of our favourites in North and no, Hotel de Goudfazant isn’t a hotel but ‘just’ a very good restaurant. Here you come for a perfect 3 course meal: pure and no nonsens.
Woodies at Berlin: at Woodies at Berlin located at the NDSM wharf, you can shop. They sell a combination of vintage design, lights and their own stuff.
Eye Bar & Restaurant: for a lunch or dinner with a beautiful view, you go to EYE bar/restaurant. If you want, you can watch a movie in the filmmuseum afterwards.
A’DAM Tower: there is so much to do in the A’DAM Tower. You can eat there, party of take the elevator to the top and go on the swing. Or enjoy a beer in the biergarten.

hotspots along the ij

a’dam tower

THT: from old Shell canteen to food spot. We’re talking about the restaurant of the Tolhuistuin, THT. A spot you go to for a good but simple meal and a view over the IJ.
Loetje aan ‘t IJ: for the best steak, you go to Loetje. And yay for us, Loetje also has a location along the IJ. A steak tastes much better when you sit along the water, right?
Faralda Hotel: it’s the most special hotel of Amsterdam! You sleep in a very very high crane with the best view over the NDSM Wharf.
The Butcher Social Club: here you eat the best burger at a wonderful location, the A’DAM tower. Fun fact: on Fridays and Saturdays they’re open 24 hours.
Noorderlicht: fun to eat a meal here in the evening. At Noorderlicht, you’l’ find a lot of sustainable food on the menu and for the interior they re-used materials.
Madam: located high up in the A’DAM tower is Madam. A panorama bar and restaurant. Afraid of heights? Then you might now want to go here. But if not, definitely go visit! A beautiful view, great atmosphere, music.. everything works well together!

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Photocredits: a’dam toren, rem eiland


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