- Utrecht City Guide -

- Why we love Utrecht -

Utrecht is a beautiful city with a bunch of hotspots. You can have some amazing food at places with very straightforward concepts. Feel like having some chicken? At Kippig they have incredibly good cruelty-free chicken that is so well marinated with their own recipe. Craving some good ol’ meat? Speck Bar & Grill can help you with that. A good burger? Meneer Smakers is pretty good. Coffee? CROP and The Village Coffee are the places to be for really good coffee. Wine? At Zies you can literally try out a new wine for an entire day and they also happen to have delicious food. And so on!

Aside from all those great straightforward shops, there are also a lot of hotspots with concepts that are slowly getting their shape and are forever evolving. Daen’s is one of those: a beautiful concept store with a shop, café and hotel. For more interesting hotspots in Utrecht, check out the Utrecht City Guide.

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