Zies Utrecht: wine bar and bistro

31 October 2015

enjoy spanish food and wines at zies utrecht

In Utrecht you have a lovely wine bar called Zies where you can also enjoy a proper lunch or dinner. At Zies you can choose your wine from different countries (mostly South European though) like Italy and Spain but also from Morocco and Lebanon! Of couse you need some bites with your wine and what suits better with South European wine than tapas? That means Zies has a menu full of bites from meat, fish, cheese or even pizza that goes along with your wine! The great sharing platters at this wine bar in Utrecht are also there, which are always fun to try out.



All food from Zies Utrecht is cooked in a Mibrasa, a Spanish charcoal oven that makes the food smell and taste amazingly! The entire menu is Mediterranean inspired, so you can expect some amazing dishes for lunch and dinner. Lebanese chickenpasta, but also shellfish! Clams, razor clams, mussels and vongole; delicious!

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Also great: At Zies Utrecht they also have interesting beers that you probably won’t find somewhere else that easily. Ever tried Lebanese beer? Find out what it’s like and also other (South European) beers at Zies!


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