Stan & Co Utrecht: drinks, coffee, food and music

stan-co. utrecht

Stan & Co, A great restaurant in Utrecht city center

The restaurant Stan & Co in Utrecht is really nice! They told me at Stan & Co that there are 4 things that they’re good at: drinkskoffiefood, and music. It’s a big restaurant and yet it can be quite crowded on a regular weekday. That is quite understandable, even after a quick glance at their menu. At Stan & Co in Utrecht a lot of the food is cooked with the Josper grill, a really handy and energy saving grill that works as a grill but also as an oven. And the food tastes great too!

A lot of food at Stan & Co is made from scratch at the restaurant and all the ingredients are bought locally at the market or specialty shops. So for example they have their best-seller pretzels that are baked every day by themselves and dry-aged meat that they buy at the specialty shop. So Stan & Co is definitely worth trying out in Utrecht!

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Utrecht TRavel Tips

Hotel tip: our favourite hotel in Utrecht is Mother Goose!


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