Meneer Smakers Utrecht: very good burger restaurant

29 October 2015

Amazing gastronomic burgers at Meneer Smakers Utrecht

From time to time I’d crave for a proper burger and one of the places where you could get one in Utrecht is at Meneer Smakers. Nowadays there are more and more restaurants that mainly sell burgers, but I honestly don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Especially not when I find a burger restaurant like Meneer Smakers, because here they make amazing gastronomic burgers with high quality ingredients. And don’t you by the way also think that their interior looks really cool?

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At Meneer Smakers in Utrecht they have about 10 different burgers (with vegetarian options!) that are made with different kind of meat and fish (or vegetarian) patties. The beef that they use for their burgers come from one single local farm and the patties are made by hand. The bread is a company’s recipe, locally pre-baked and then freshly baked in the restaurant.

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So expect to have some high quality burgers at Meneer Smakers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. I’ve already tried De Ome Huib (chicken burger) which was amazing, but I’m definitely going back for their beef burgers. Or perhaps De Ome Jimmie (salmon burger) or De Opa Harry (lamb burger); all the burgers just sound so good at this hotspots in Utrecht!


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Meneer Smakers Utrecht

Twijnstraat 62

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