10 x summer hotspots you want to visit for Spanish wines from Rueda

at these hotspots in the netherlands you can drink the best verdejo

Even when I’m not abroad, I still like to dream away thinking about my latest travels. A good glass of wine from that particular country or region is if you ask me the perfect way to hold on to that holiday vibe. That’s why the Spanish wine region Rueda has selected ten places, the Ruede Summer Hotspots, where you have to be this summer for a well-chilled glass of Rueda wine.

If you look into it, you will notice that wines from Rueda, which lies north-west of Madrid, are booming. On more and more wine cards throughout the country you will encounter these wines! The wine region is famous for the white wines and the most important grape from this region is the Verdejo. A personal favorite of mine with flavors of citrus fruit, apple, pear, flowers, bitters and herbs.

Do you want to drink a delicious glass of Rueda wine with friends this summer? Then you have to go to one of these 10 hotspots in the big cities in the Netherlands. The last couple of weeks these hotspots have been voted by people who are fond of these wines to the Top-10 Rueda Summer Hotspots and fair is fair. We absolutely agree with list, because we also love to come to all these places in Amsterdam and beyond.

10 x Rueda Summer Hotspots you do not want to miss

  1. Pikoteo (Amsterdam): At one of our favourite hotspots you are at the right adress for delicious tapas-style dishes prepared by a Spanish chef. You eat inside around the cozy bar or on the terrace. A delicous taberna with modern Spanish spheres where you are in the right place for wines from Rudea. Houtmankade 9 –
  2. Buurman en Buurman (Amsterdam): This cozy restaurant is one of the nicest dining addresses in Bos en Lommer. Whether you go for a cold Verdejo on the terrace or want to chat with friends. Paul and Coen the (former) neighbours will be happy to tell you about the changing dishes they have on the map. Mercatorstraat 171 – 
  3. Ku Kitchen (Amsterdam): If you think of Spanish wines, you may not think of sushi directly, but that this combination works well is something you will notice when you go to Ku Kitchen. First only in the Utrechtsestraat, but recently also in Amsterdam West where they have a collaboration with Staring at Jacob. In addition to the wide choice of saké (cocktails) you can also go for the combination of sushi en Rueda Verdejo! Utrechtsestraat 114 & Jacob Van Lennepkade 215 – 
  4. Café Verward (Rotterdam): One of the nicest wine bars (where they actually also know quite a lot of beer) in the Rottterdamse Hoogkwartier. Here you go every Sunday for a delicious culinary dish of the day, but on other days in the week you are also more than welcome for a selection of wines from Rueda in combination with delicious food. Let the host advise you about your choice! Hoogstraat 69A – 
  5. Lola (Rotterdam): For Spanish vibes in Rotterdam you have to go to Lola. Here Chef Jochem Appel cooks delicious Spanish dishes that are perfect for sharing with your friends. Think of tapas, pinchos and dishes of the charcoal grill that perfectly match with a Verdejo. Schiedamse Vest 56 –  
  6. Bouzy (Den Haag): In one of the nicest streets of The Hague, on the outskirts of the center, you are here as a wine lover at the right place. At this cozy wine and champagne bar Bouzy they have an extensive wine list and an equally good menu of Spanish dishes. Denneweg 83 – 
  7. Dudok (Den Haag): Now you find Dudok across the whole country from Rotterdam to Arnhem, but the location in The Hague is still very nice due to the sunny terrace at the back of the historic building. A nice place if you want to enjoy a cold glass of Rueda Verdejo with a bite at the end of the afternoon or after shopping during a day in the Hague. Hofweg 1A –  
  8. De Zwarte Vosch (Utrecht): If you enter the Black Vosch you will feel for a moment like you are in Spain. With this pinchobar, the pinchos are just like in Spain exposed on the bar and the sausages and hams are hanging from the ceiling. Although inside it is always cozy, the terrace of this restaurant makes it a real Rueda Summer Hotspot. Oudegracht 48 –  
  9. Wijnbar en Bistro Zies (Utrecht): This wine bar is now a classic under the wine bars in Utrecht, but did you know that you can stay at the boutique hotel and dine in the bistro? The dishes are prepared in a Spanish charcoal oven and the sommelier serves the best wines from Mediterranean countries including the Rueda Verdejo. Twijnstraat 58 –  
  10. Daens (Utrecht): Another great hotspot in Utrecht is Daens located in the former fire department of Utrecht. Here you can shop first in the beautiful concept store and afterwards you can enjoy a drink at the bar. The perfect combination for shopping and wine drinking with friends if you ask me! Fun detail: you can stay the night in Daens. Korte Minrebroederstraat 13-17 –  

Tip: keep an eye on our Facebook page to win a wine package with wines of Rueda with different wines so you can also enjoy a glass of wine with friends at home or in the park this summer!



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