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10 x the best cheese fondue in Amsterdam for cheese lovers

16 January 2019

these are our favourite spots for cheese fondue in amsterdam

Especially in winter there is nothing more cozy than eating a delicious cheese fondue in
. When I was still a student almost every café in Amsterdam served it. But it seems like those places are disappearing.  It’s much harder now to find yourself a great spot for some delicious cheese fondue in Amsterdam. So it’s time for a new list! In this cheese fondue list we share our favourite places where we still go for all our cheese fondue cravings. A list for cheese lovers! Enjoy your cheese fondue with a good glass of red wine and you have the perfect winter meal. Do we miss your regular spot where they have cheese fondue on the menu? Let us know!

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10 X the best cheese fondue in Amsterdam

Fondue Oost: It won’t be a surprise that you’ll find lots of cheese on the menu of Fondue Oost. Think of different sorts of fondues such as truffel fondue, a Mexican fondue with nachos and even a fondue with French blue cheese on the menu. Oh my… 

Mr. & Mrs. Watson: Vegan and do you miss cheese? Or not a vegan, but just craving cheese? Then you can still go to Mr. & Mrs. Watson. They developed a whole range of vegan cheeses. From Friesian clove cheese to roquefort and vegan cheese fondue.

Fondue & Fondue: It’s all in the name. Here you can fondue! Choose between a fish fondue, a meat fondue or … a cheese fondue! Served with 6 kinds of vegetables, bread and a good salad.

Cafe Bern: This cafe is knows for its cheese fondue! You don’t just get any cheese fondue, no, this is Gruyere cheese fondue!

Maxwell: On Beukenplein in East you find this cozy cafe where you can get your cheese fondue with crudités and bread. This seems to be one of the best fondues in Amsterdam!

De Ruyschkamer: In the winter months you can get a delicious cheese fondue here, with Turkish bread, vegetables and a glass of red wine.

Café Sarphaat: At this cafe in The Pijp they serve a cheese fondue with bread, several kinds of vegetables, but also with salad and French fries! And do you love blue cheese? Then you can additionally order this!

Het Karbeel: When I trust my followers on Facebook this spot may not be missed when it comes to great cheese fondue in Amsterdam. We’re going to check it out soon on the Warmoestraat.

Bistrot Des Alpes: at this restaurant in the Utrechtsedwarsstraat it’s all about cheese fondue and the best ingredients from the Savoie region.

Proeflokaal van Wees: you probably cycled by hundreds of times not knowing what to expect at the Admiraal. An authentic Amsterdam style restaurant with on the menu this winter a cheese fondue made of Dutch cheeses only!

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