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5 X the best Lebanese restaurants in Amsterdam

29 January 2017

Looking for a good lebanese restaurant in amsterdam? found it!

At the moment Lebanese food is my favourite! That’s why I have been hopping from the one Lebanese restaurant in Amsterdam to another the last month for you guys. Not exactly a punishment to taste the mezze dishes everywhere I’ll tell you! In cities like London and New York the Lebanese kitchen is one of the hottest in town at the moment. Delicious tastes from the Middle East and most dishes are very suitable to share. The view of a tables completely full with small dishes of tasty food never gets old.

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There’s also good news for the vegetarians among us, because lots of dishes from the Lebanese kitchen are vegetarian. I’ve been coming to Beyrouth for years, a Lebanese restaurant in Amsterdam situated at the Kinkerstraat. But because I live in the east of the city and I don’t feel like cycling to West every time, I started to test more Lebanese restaurants in Amsterdam and with success! In this blog I’ll line up my favourites for you. Have a tip of your own? Let me know!

5 X the best lebanese restaurants in Amsterdam

Restaurant ArtistSituated next to Sarphatipark, on the corner of the Tweede Jan Steenstraat you’ll find restaurant Artist. A restaurant run by a family that has been in this street for 40 years. The mezze menu is available in a vegetarian way or with meat. If you choose the latter, you’ll get skewers of beef and delicious rice with chicken. The falafel and moutabal are so good it almost makes you want to ask for another portion! The mezze menu is € 25,50.

Restaurant Artist Amsterdam

Restaurant Maz Mez: Situated in the same street as Radijs on the Jan Evertsenstraat you’ll find restaurant Maz Mez. Not hip or trendy, but certainly very good food! For € 24,50 you get a mezze menu consisting of 8 cold and 8 warm mezzes. During the summer they also have a small terrace.

Restaurant Beyrouth: I mentioned this winner earlier in the blog. Ever since my boyfriend took me to this restaurant on the Kinkerstraat I’m completely sold. The mezze menu is very good, the service is always friendly and the ratio of price and quality is outstanding. Of all the mezzes the cauliflower is my favourite. I definitely have to try to make that one at home! For a mere € 18,- you can get a mezze menu consisting of 5 cold and 5 warm mezzes.

Beyrouth Amsterdam

Cedars: Of all the Lebanese restaurants in Amsterdam Cedars isn’t the cheapest. And to be fair that’s why I only come here during the summer. Because what makes this Lebanese restaurant unique is the location. In the summer it’s a nice stay here at the water. And honestly, with a little fantasy you can imagine yourself far away from Amsterdam. The menu that’s most costly is € 35,- for 5 cold and 5 warm mezzes.

The Lebanese Sajeria: What I really liked is that Amsterdam now has a Lebanese street food restaurant as well. For Lebanese Manouche you came to the right place at The Lebanese Sajeria. Kind of like a Turkish pizza, that’s rolled up with several stuffings. I really like the vegetarian one with halloumi!

The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam

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