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The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam: hidden gem in the Wijde Heisteeg

25 January 2017

if you love lebanese food you will want to know this place!

The Lebanese kitchen is one of my personal favourites and The Lebanese Sajeria in Amsterdam is an address not to miss if you share my opinion. In the past few years I’ve seen street food joints emerge from every direction in Amsterdam. But a real Lebanese street food concept was still missing. What started out as a food truck is now a small street food restaurant. The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam is not a place where you go for an extensive dining session and hang out for hours. No, this is a fine place for a quick lunch or healthy fast food when you’re not in the mood for cooking and don’t want to spend a lot of time. The kitchen in this small place is located downstairs, where the manouches are prepared as you watch. It almost reminds me of the Lebanese places in Paris, where you get your sandwiches handed through an open window. In here it’s not an open window, but there is an open kitchen. There are places to sit down and if you walk up the steep stairs you’ll find yourself in the vide where there are a couple of tables and where you can sit at a little bar with a view of the open kitchen.

The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam

The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam

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The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam

Menu x The Lebanese Sajeria

The concept of The Lebanese Sajeria is mainly very simple. Maybe that’s why it’s so good. No complicated dishes, but everyday Lebanese food. On the menu you’ll find manouches, some specialties and desserts. A manouche is a sort of flatbread that’s filled with something tasty, rolled into a wrap. Kind of like a Turkish pizza, but from Lebanon origin. Recently I was there during lunch and I had the manouche with halloumi cheese, veggies and zataar spices (typical Middle-Eastern mix of spices). So tasty! I’m afraid this will be one of my main lunch spots, because The Lebanese Sajeria is in walking distance from my office in Amsterdam. If you’re feeling like something more extensive than just a mamouche you could order a soup on the side for example, or share the mixed platter with a selection of different vegetarian mezzes. I’ll definitely try that the next time! Open from Tuesday – Sunday.

The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam

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The Lebanese Sajeria Amsterdam

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The Lebanese Sajeria

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