25 x Restaurants (and more) that open soon in Amsterdam

the new restaurants in Amsterdam that open the doors soon

Latest update: 28-11-2017

You probably follow Your Little Black Book because you want to be the first to know about new hotspots that are opening their doors in Amsterdam. Sometimes we KNOW about the new places coming to town, but sometimes there’s just NOTHING to tell yet besides a logo and some rumours about the concept. No information about the menu or the interior design, and often not even more than a Facebook page with a logo. On Your Little Black Book I like to hear the story behind a new hotspot, talk to the new owners, and when they open of course also try and taste the food. BUT, we listened to you and will share our weekly scoops with you in this blog. Then YOU will have a great story when talking to your colleagues or friends ;-). And as soon as we can share the WHOLE STORY about the place, you’ll be the first one to know on Your Little Black Book!

These are the new hotspots in amsterdam to keep an eye on:

  1. Izakaya Sora: Izakaya Sora from Sapporo SORA Ramen opens a new ramen spot at the Albert Cuypstraat.

  2. Restaurant Entrepot: Restaurant Entrepot will soon open the doors in a plot on the Entrepotdok. You may know the owners Xander Waller and chef Arvid Schmidt from restaurant Rijsel and Wijncafé Worst ;-)

  3. Miss Moneypenny: The men behind Venster 33 and Taproom are going to open Miss Moneypenny, behind the Dam. Thé place for cocktails and street food!

  4. Freddy Fryday: The snackbar on the Linnaeusstraat gets an upgrade. Freddy Fryday is taking over the snack walhalla and promised the old owner that they will take care of the golden snack history. That’s promising!

  5. Bistro Berlage: The Grand Café of the Beurs of Berlage makes place for a whole new concept that will also be open in the evening. At the end of this year the new restaurant Bistro Berlage will open at one of the most exciting places in the city.
  6. The Poké Market: Craving a poké bowl? The Poké Market will soon open a restaurant on the Zeilstraat.
  7. Jack: At the end of this year a new club will be opened in Amsterdam South East. A club where you do want to cycle to, the new house and techno night club: Jack!
  8. The Dirty Chicken Club: Chef Justin Brown is going to open a chicken walhalla on the Wallen this fall and we’re already excited!
  9. Juniper & Kin: Later this year a new hotel opens its doors in Amsterdam at the Amstelkwartier: QO and this hotel is going to have a such nice hotel bar! Soon we can have a cocktail and enjoy Amsterdam from the 21th floor at Juniper & Kin!
  10. George Fish Shop: George Fish Shop is going to be a real shop where you can order delicious fruit de mer, oysters and other seafood to cook at home. Craving a sandwich with for example fresh eel? Then you can also drop by George Fish Shop. Take it with you to the park or eat it on your way home.
  11. Tweede locatie de Japanner: Oh yes there is a second location of De Japanner coming on the Bilderdijkstraat. The second Asian spot will look like the one in the Pipe, but with less less fried snacks on the menu. You can also have lunch over here!
  12. The Arc by Lute: Peter and Marieke Lute, known from De Kruidfabriek, Explore and LUTE® restaurant, are opening a new restaurants in October 2017 in the Pijp Amsterdam: The ARC by LUTE! 
  13. Le Bleu Citron: A French bistro with classics and good wine at the Muiderstraat, yes please!
  14. Loetje Zuidas: YES, Loetje gets a restaurant at the Zuidas with terrace. Tuna steak for one please!
  15. Cosy Coffee Bar: Soon a new coffee bar will open in De Pijp! At Cozy Coffee Bar we can soon enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in their cozy courtyard!
  16. Café Cómodo: At this café – from the people behind Hendrix – you can expect a South American menu and drinks.
  17. Matcha Bar: Great news for the real matcha lover! Soon a dessert shop entirely dedicated to matcha will open in the Albert Cuypstraat in De Pijp. Matcha Bar is a Japanese inspired dessert shop with a focus on matcha powder: a super healthy tea powder.
  18. TypicaAnyone who can find Typica on the Rokin is immediately an experience and go to spot richer. This secret coffee bar is more than just a simple coffee shop. In a narrow alley at the Rokin you will find, if you’re lucky, the basement where everything revolves; speakeasy bar Typica.
  19. Restaurant 212: At restaurant 212 you will soon sit at a chef’s table where there is room for 24 place settings. You can book in advance by buying a ticket. We still have to wait a while, because the restaurant will open its doors on Monday January 8 2018!
  20. Back to BlackBack to Black, you know, that nice coffee spot near the Museumplein, gets a second location! Soon the doors of this coffee walhalla will open in West on the Van Hallstraat.
  21. BougainvilleSoon we will get acquainted with the brand new Bougainville restaurant, which is part of hotel TwentySeven. Bougainville is both for hotel guests and guests from outside, so perfect for a fun night out with your lover!
  22. The Fat Pie: Instead of Café Fier we will soon be able to go to The Fat Pie. The Fat Pie will be an American diner with American specialties and comfort food.
  23. 4850: 4850, a new restaurant, coffee ánd wine bar, will soon open on the Camperstraat in Oost. We are curious ;-)
  24. TonTon Club EastThe TonTon Club opens a new location near the Muiderpoortstation in East! Expect around 20 arcade games, the best Japanese/American dishes and that great TonTon vibe that we haven’t had enough of after all those years.
  25. Baker’s Dough AmsterdamA little while ago, the first cookie dough bar opened its doors in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam. Cookie lovers were super excited and stood in line for hours to taste the fresh cookie dough at Baker’s Dough. But good news, soon we won’t have to travel that far anymore. Baker’s Dough is coming to Amsterdam!

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