23 x Restaurants (and more) that open soon in Amsterdam

the new restaurants in Amsterdam that open the doors soon

Latest update: 29 – 05 -2017

You probably follow Your Little Black Book because you want to be the first to know about new hotspots that are opening their doors in Amsterdam.  Sometimes we KNOW about the new places coming to town, but sometimes there’s just NOTHING to tell yet besides a logo and some rumours about the concept. No information about the menu or the interior design, and often not even more than a Facebook page with a logo. On Your Little Black Book I like to hear the story behind a new hotspot, talk to the new owners, and when they open of course also try and taste the food. BUT, we listened to you and will share our weekly scoops with you in this blog. Then YOU will have a great story when talking to your colleagues or friends ;-). And as soon as we can share the WHOLE STORY about the place, you’ll be the first one to know on Your Little Black Book!

These are the new hotspots in amsterdam to keep an eye on:

  1. George Marina: George Marina will open soon along the water in Amsterdam. Nice, we can already imagine ourselves sitting on their terrace with oyster and a glass over wine.
  2. Nacarat: Nacarat is the newest project of chef Ron Blaauw where you want to book a table soon. Together with Hudson’s Bay, who’s opening department store at the Rokin this autumn, we can find Naracat Amsterdam on the 5th floor!
  3. Peejays Doughnuts: Do you like donuts? Then you really want to try the doughnuts of PEEJAYS Doughnuts. In a few weeks we can visit this new spot at the Vijzelgracht for a cup of coffee and a homemade donuts
  4. Mama Kelly: MaMa Kelly, from The Hague, comes to Amsterdam and we can’t wait! MaMa Kelly is thé spot in The Hague, where we even wanted to go from Amsterdam for chicken & lobster.
  5. Wilde Kroketten: Wilde Kroketten Amsterdam is a real walhalla for anyone who loves croquettes. Soon Wilde Kroketten Amsterdam will open their doors in Amsterdam West Houthavens and becomes the very first croquette restaurant in our small capital.
  6. The Arc by Lute: Peter and Marieke Lute, known from De Kruidfabriek, Explore and LUTE® restaurant, are opening a new restaurants in oktober 2017 in the Pijp Amsterdam: The ARC by LUTE! 
  7. Luza’s Caffeine Club: At Luza’s Caffeine Club in the Pijp we can order sweet and savoury cakes with a delicious cup of coffee. The Pastéis de Nata (a creamy cake from Portugal) will be the star of Luza’s, tasty!
  8. Partisan: Restaurant Fa. Speijkervet at the Admiraal de Ruijterweg in Amsterdam West is making place for Partisan. A wine café, restaurant and bar in one where we can also try a lot of different ciders.
  9. JACKS: At the Ferdinand Bolstraat 48 we can order healthy snacks and fresh juices at JACKS. An urban café and a juice bar!
  10. Bar Bateau: Bar Bateau is taking over Bocconi at the Spaarndammerstraat in Amsterdam West. What to get? Espresso and wine in the sun on a lovely terrace. All we need!
  11. Joe  & The Juice: Joe & The Juice is coming to Amsterdam! Our favourite juice bar in other countries like Copenhagen is bringing the the pink logo, colourful juices and happy music to Amsterdam!
  12. House of Watt: News, news, news! Soon will open House of Watt in the lobby of the old Casa 400 hotel. A combi of working/studying while you can enjoy good coffee or even local beers and a affordable lunch  menu in the big café downstairs.
  13. Ter Brugge: There’s not a lot of information available about this new hotspot, except that we can tell you, you definitely want to go here!
  14. Doppio Espresso Zuidas: The Zuidas is getting better and better, a lot of spots are opening their doors and we can add Doppio Espresso Zuidas to this list as well. Coffee please!
  15. Le Bleu Citron: A French bistro with classics and good wine at the Muiderstraat, yes please!
  16. Loetje Zuidas: YES, Loetje gets a restaurant at the Zuidas with terrace. Tuna steak for one please!
  17. Café Keppler: Good news for everybody who misses the Soepboer in Amsterdam North, they’re working together with Standsbranderij Noord. New look, new menu and a new name: Café Keppler.
  18. Dr Blend: Juices, juices, juices. Dr. Blend is busy with a crowdfunding for a new location!
  19. Bill Parker: The Bilderdijkstraat is hotter than hot! The men behind Huis van Lopez are opening a new restaurant with lots of wine and champagne. That makes us, and probably you, really happy!
  20. Wyers Bar & Restaurant: a new hotel restaurant coming soon to Amsterdam City Center.
  21. Miss Louisa Coffee & Beignets: a new coffee bar in Amsterdam City Center for coffee and well, yes…. beignets!
  22. ZUID: this one makes us very happy… Chef Michiel van der Eerde is going to open a new restaurant this spring and we heard this one will be his personal masterpiece!
  23. Bed & Buffet: YESSSSS restaurant Buffet van Odette is going to open a B&B!

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