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16 X beautiful hiking areas around Amsterdam

20 January 2024

A list of tips for beautiful walking areas around Amsterdam and the surrounding is perhaps the most requested list of this month. I totally get it! I also have just like you a lot of need to visit nature. Even [category cat=”73473″ text=”out of town”], a nice walk in a beautiful nature reserve just recharges you with new energy. In this list you will find common names, but also a lot of inspiration to discover new hiking areas in Amsterdam. The tips from this brand new list of hiking tips are all (nature) areas which are approximately a maximum of 45 to 1 hours away. Bring your own delicious snacks for the road and a thermos with some hot chocolate. Or get something tasty to go if there are restaurants on the route open for take-away. Have fun!

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16 X breath taking hiking routes in the area around Amsterdam

Spaarnwoude: I always get so many questions about walking routes that are also accessible by public transport. It’s sometimes a bit of a search, but this route at Spaarnwoude is mapped out from the station Haarlem Spaarnwoude. Are you coming by car? Then you can walk in different places at Spaarnwoude. Just follow the signs! Check out the walking route accessible by public transport >>

Amsterdam Forest: In the Amsterdam Forest there are seven different walking routes that you can walk. You think you know the forest well? Try a new route! Check out the walks through the Amsterdam Forest >>

| TIP: at the paddling pool in the Amsterdam Forest is also a fun playground to check out!

‘s Graveland: From the visitor center you can walk into the forest and take several beautiful walks. For kids there are also treasure hunts that you can do. View all walks here >>

Noorderplassen: A walk around the Noorderplassen near Almere. Check out the route here >>

Oostvaardersplassen: Also in Almere, but this path I would only recommend you to do on an e-bike, as I did last summer (read more about the tip here). The nature reserve near the water is beautiful and there are several great routes to discover. Maybe you’ll even spot some foxes or a sea eagle! Check out the routes here >>

The Twiske: Known for its festivals and offers a nice place to walk. Bonus feature: In the summer you can also swim here. See different routes here >>

The Vliegenbos: This Amsterdam Forest can be found in Amsterdam North and can therefore also be reached by bicycle and public transport. A lovely place to get a breath of fresh air. From the forest you can also walk along the dike towards the Landmarkt and catch the public transport.

Zeist: In the area of Zeist you can take several beautiful walks. For example, the Sprengenroute which covers several beautiful outdoor places. Check out the routes here >>

Low / High Fire: This is one of my favorite places to go hiking. At ‘Buiten in the Pit’ you can get something tasty on the way and walk into the forest. See different routes here >>

Soesterduin: Park at the open air theatre and go for a walk through the dune area at Soest. Here are tips for routes >>

Schoorlse Duinen: We have driven through the village so many times, but only this year we really went for a walk in the dunes near Schoorl. It’s so beautiful out there! Every season is amazing, but next year definitely come around in the mushroom season. Check out the routes here >>

Table Mountain Blaricum: Park at Table Mountain and walk a scenic route along the Blaricummerheide. Check out the tips >>

Baarnse Bos: This offers some extra fun with the kids, because in the Baarn Bos you can make a trip with Gnomes!Check out the route here >>

Naardermeer: A green oasis between Amsterdam and Hilversum. If you’re lucky, you will spot some otters here. Also a nice area to sail! The hiking trails around the lake are quite long, but of course you can also walk just a part of it. Check out the Forester’s tips here >>

Water main dunes: This area is one of our favorites to hike on weekends. You can spot so many deer! And with some luck, a fox will walk along to the end of the afternoon. There are several walks that are suitable for the whole family. We always park at Vogelenzang, a nice Borrel spot (to go) is Buitenplaats Plantage. Check out several walking routes at the Water pipe dunes >>

Strand van Bloemendaal: What is a better place to get some fresh air than at the beach? Walk from Bloemendaal to Zandvoort and back again! There are several beach tents that are open all year round to eat and drink something tasty (to go).

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