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9 x traditional Dutch vegetable mash in Amsterdam

22 November 2019

Here you eat traditional Dutch vegetable mash in Amsterdam!

It’s almost winter and that means that it’s time for… yes, vegetable mash! It’s cold outside, the days getting shorter and darker and after a busy day at work there is only one thing you feel like: a tough warm wintery meal! Particularly known with potatoes, but give it a try with sweet potato or parsnip. Tasty! Don’t feel like cooking? We selected 9 x spots where you can eat the traditional Dutch vegetable mash. Read more to discover the spots to eat Dutch vegetable mash in Amsterdam! Those spots are usually not that trendy, but the food is great :-). Enjoy!

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9 x the best spots for traditional Dutch vegetable mash

Hap Hmm: Authentic Dutch food is what you get at Hap-hmm in West. They prepare everything with fresh and seasonal products. That means that, in the colder months of the year, you can get here a traditional Dutch vegetable mash for sure! Finish your Dutch meal with a warm custard as dessert!

Moeders: The concept at Moeders is simple. You choose a main course from mother Anne, Betty or Corrie with a price between 15 to 19 euro. For 15 euro you get a vegetable mash of the season and for 19 euro you get a vegetable mash with everything included! This cosy restaurant on the Rozengracht has another mega bonus: you can order french toast for dessert, my favourite!

Haesje Claes Amsterdam

Haesje Claes: Are you done after a day of shopping and feel like a Dutch meal for some renewed energy? Go to Haesje Claes in the centre of Amsterdam! Minced meat, sausage and bacon with sauerkraut, hutspot or vegetable mash.

Stamppotje: Not really in the mood to go outside? Order your vegetable mash at Stamppotje via foodora (depending on your zip code) so you can stay inside and eat your comfort food on the couch. There’s a reason we don’t want to go outside right? The vegetable mash with parsnip and rocket is super good!

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La Falote in amsterdamPhoto credits: facebook/lafalote

La Falote: La Falote is the place where you can enjoy a vegetable mash for a good price! This spot in Old South has been there for years and that is quiet visible. The kitchen and the interior are typical traditional Dutch! There is a daily menu for 9,95 euro and this time a year the menu mainly contain vegetable mashes. So visit the website before you go to find out when its your vegetable mash day!

Frank Vork: Tried all the vegetable mashes at Stampotje? Than try the dishes from Frank Vonk. The kale mash with homemade jus is made from grandma’s recipe, that sounds good right? Perfect for the cold days we’re in. You can order at Frank Fonk via foodora (depending on your zip code). Enjoy!

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DIS Dinner Shop: The solution for whenever you fancy a vegetable mash, but you don’t feel like cooking or going out for dinner. At DIS Dinner Shop they serve Grandmother’s Vegetable Mash with endive, bacon and laurel jus and a homemade rolled meatball or a classic half of smoked sausage.

De Blauwe Hollander: In the traditional Dutch kitchen of De Blauwe Hollander they have large portions of classic mash. Think of endive mash with bacon and a meatball, mash with a sukade steak, sauerkraut with sausage or bacon and kale with sausage. And everything is served with tasty, homemade gravy ;-)

Tomaz: Tomaz is run by a small Dutch family that is proud of their own recipes. They have given the recipes of their father and grandmother a modern twist. You go here for a delicious mash with bacon and veal sausage.

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